Younger Couples are Waiting Longer to Get Married, are Less Likely to get Divorced

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyMillennials often get a bad rap online, with constant articles bemoaning that they are killing all sorts of industries – popular restaurant chains, traditional furniture stores, paper towels, and more. Now you can add divorce to that list!

Millennials haven’t eliminated divorce altogether, but they are enjoying much lower divorce rates than previous generations. Within the last ten years, divorce rates have dropped a whopping 18 percent, largely due to the habits of millennials. Mostly, they don’t seem to be in a hurry as far as tying the knot is concerned. On average, men get married at 29 years of age and women at 27 years of age, contrasting sharply with figures from the 70’s. Back then, men were getting married at around 23 years of age and women were tying the knot at around 20 years of age.

Less Couples are Opting to Get Married

The lower divorce rates could have less to do with millennials being “better” at marriage and more to do with the fact that many aren’t getting married to begin with. Younger people are much less invested in the idea of marriage, opting to focus on their career instead. They’re still dating, just not necessarily rushing to go out and tie the knot. When marriage is finally on the table, most younger couples are motivated by the tax benefits and other legal benefits rather than the idea of the marriage itself.

Taking Needed Precautions when Cohabitating with a Partner

Despite shying away from marriage, younger adults are increasingly cohabiting with a romantic partner, an arrangement that is recognized in California and carries its own set of laws and regulations much like a traditional marriage might.

At the Law Office of James P. White, we always advise that all couples who live together, not just married couples, take the time to draft up a cohabitation agreement in case things turn south. In this type of agreement, a couple can address issues such as asset division, child custody and even pet custody arrangements, and more.

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