How Virtual Visitation Helps Divorced Parents Bridge the Gap with Their Kids

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyAfter a divorce, many parents report that the biggest challenge they face is the distance that often forms between parents and their children, especially when the other parent holds primary custody. This distance can be an obstacle when trying to formulate an effective parenting plan, and even when parents are willing to work together, physical distance makes logistics that much more difficult to work out.

Thankfully, technology has allowed some parents to get creative with the ways they take part in their children’s’ lives, and virtual visitation is an increasingly popular option for many. This blog examines the cutting-edge world of virtual visitation and explains how in the digital era, virtual interactions can be an important component of an effective parenting plan.

How Does It Work?

As the name implies, virtual visitations are those interactions that take place “online.” This is done via a variety of mediums, including phones, personal computers, tablets, and anything else that is equipped with a webcam. Popular platforms for carrying out virtual interactions can include Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Facetime, and other forms of social media. These virtual visits are usually further supplemented with communications such as e-mail, text, and phone calls.

Virtual visitation lets parents have every-day interactions with their kids, no matter the distance. They can stay up to date with their children’s lives, use technology to play games and engage in other forms of activity, and even “attend” important moments that would otherwise be missed due to physical limitations.

Implementing Virtual Visitation into an Effective Parenting Plan

Of course, it’s important that parents and their children enjoy as much in-person time as circumstances allow. However, virtual visitation provides with an unmatched edge in convenience and accessibility, something that helps parents maintain a strong relationship with their children in between physical visits. This venue is so effective that family law courts have begun recognizing virtual visitation, and will often integrate it into a parenting plan when the situation lends itself to it.

That said, you should always take the time to consult with a knowledgeable family law attorney in order to figure out what arrangement works best for your needs, as well as those of your loved ones. If you want to learn more, and to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced California attorney, be sure to give us a call at the Law Offices of James P. White,

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