Tips for Teens and Older Children Impacted by Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyMost of our blogs are geared towards adults and parents, but teenagers also have to endure traumatic events such as divorce and major transitions in the family. For this post, we decided to compile a set of tips geared for younger readers. Major life events such as the separation of parents can be especially traumatic for younger adults, and it’s important to acknowledge this as they often feel alone and lost while their parents continue feuding.

For tailored advice meant to address your specific needs, remember that you can always call us at the Law Office of James P. White to speak with one of our qualified family law attorneys. For now, here’s some key tips for teens who are currently living in a split household and enduring divorce proceedings.

Teens Don’t Have to Pick a Side

Parents often spill their emotional baggage onto their children, or force them to take a side in a dispute. This is unfair to them, and a child should never have to choose between both parents whom he/she loves. This is also true for older teens. They might be older and more mature, but they are not equipped or should be expected to handle these issues.

Teens are Allowed to be Happy and Have Fun

Teens should not feel overburdened by their parents’ conflict, and they should still be allowed to enjoy themselves and live their lives. Therapists universally agree that teens need to take care of themselves before they can worry about their parents’ problems, which are not their responsibility to begin with.

Teens Need Someone They Can Confide In

Young adults who are going through a divorce need to be aware of the support that is around them. This doesn’t always mean professional or formal venues of support, either. A close friend or relative, someone whom they can confide in when they’re feeling down, can make a world of difference.

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