Tips for Helping Kids Adjust to Two Separate Homes

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyLife after divorce is never the same, especially when there are kids involved. However, just because things are not the same doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be worse. For this post, we want to offer some tips to parents who might have split or partial custody of their kids, who now find themselves being ferried across two regular homes.

This can be a difficult transition to make, and children might feel uprooted or experience a loss of stability. Make no mistake, adjusting to two different homes with two sets of belongings, two sets of holidays, etc is a big deal. However, there are tips that you and the ex can employ to help the kids acclimate to the changes and ensure that they are comfortable and secure in either home.

Account for the Kids’ Comfort in Both Homes

In addition to the emotional baggage, the simple logistics of having to shuttle between two homes on a regular basis can be very stressful. Ways to minimize this all center around providing a comfortable and happy environment at either place. Make sure you have duplicate items at both residence so that the kids are never without anything essential. It’s also important that you stick to a regular routine at both homes to further promote a sense of stability.

Remain Positive and Upbeat

This tip might sound cliche but your outlook and attitude can have a major impact on the way that your children perceive the changes and/or living under two different roofs. You want to avoid coming across as depressed, bummed out, or otherwise sad while around the kids. Stay positive and project good energy into your home. You can find ways to reiterate how nothing has changed between you and your children while promoting a sense of joy and warmth while the kids are under your roof.

Respect Everyone’s Feelings and Decisions

There are times when your kid’s plans, or even the ex’s, are going to interfere with your parenting schedule. While yes, this is the time that you have been legally entitled to with the kids, there are times when the better option is to let your children live their life, even if it means skipping out on some time with them. It’s important that you respect everyone’s feelings and decisions to further create a happy, loving family environment. This includes the ex as well, as difficult as it might seem. After all, effective co-parenting is all about working together and compromising when needed.

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