Tips for Documenting and Gathering Evidence of Abuse

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAbuse in a marriage can come in many forms. It can range from physical to financial or sexual, and can include behaviors that impact the mental or emotional well-being of a person. It’s especially challenging for a person to stand up against a spouse or walk away from them and can take tremendous willpower.

Whether someone is currently enduring abuse from his/her spouse, or has walked away from the marriage and is looking to get a divorce, having evidence of this abuse is essential. Given its multifaceted nature, it can be worth gathering different types of evidence. For today’s discussion, we’re looking at ways one can document and gather evidence of abuse.

Maintaining a Journal

One of the most effective places to get started on this involves keeping a journal or records of any abuse that occurs. Entries should include the date and time of the incident, as well as notes about what was said and what happened. 

This type of journal needs to be closely guarded and kept away from the abuser. Consider keeping it someplace else such as with an acquaintance or a friend, or backed up digitally online and in physical media such as a USB stick.

Medical Records

If the abuse leads to any injury or causes the victim to visit a doctor, the victim should disclose details of the abuse to the doctor. As a medical professional, a doctor is required to report this information and the patient’s medical record further serves as indisputable evidence of abuse.

Digital Media and Electronic Evidence

Many abusers leave plenty of digital footprints without realizing it. This can include threatening or angry messages, apologies for any dangerous or violent actions, and more. Likewise, digital media can include photos of injuries or videos of the incident itself. This can be further paired with a journal entry to corroborate the facts of a given incident.

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