Tips for Convincing the Ex to Sign the Divorce Papers

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyIn many cases, a marriage is often over before the divorce papers are signed, and both parties or at least one party has resigned themselves to the fact that the marriage is not salvageable. When both people want to get divorced, initiating the process is usually pretty straightforward.

But what about in those cases where the ex doesn’t see the separation as final and is still in denial about the looming divorce? Today, we’re looking at some tips and strategies that can help you both arrive to the correct conclusion for your specific situation, especially when the soon-to-be-ex may not see eye to eye on signing the divorce papers.

Marriage Counseling Can Be a Valuable Tool

It might sound counterintuitive but marriage counseling can be just as effective when divorce is the end goal. Referred to as “decision counseling” or “discernment counseling,” this is a type of counseling that is meant to help both parties arrive at the same conclusions, provided it makes sense for all involved parties. 

To be clear, you don’t need to be on the same page in CA, which is a no-fault state. This means that only one person needs to want the divorce in order for it to happen. However, having your spouse acknowledge the divorce and sign the papers in a timely manner can make things infinitely simpler and easier for everyone.

Consider Using a Professional Mediator

Say you’ve managed to make progress on getting on the same page, but disagree on the specific terms of he divorce. You don’t have to work through this dispute via time-consuming and expensive court proceedings. Instead, consider hiring a mediator to help lead your discussion into productive results before you even step into the courtroom. A mediation acts as a neutral third party who is there to facilitate the communications. 

While not always an option if the ex is flat out refusing to cooperate, mediation is always worth a shot if you do think that he/she is willing to even consider it. It can save the both of you lots of time, money, and additional stress of having to “argue” such important matters via court proceedings.

Consult with a Divorce Attorney in California

Whatever route you choose, don’t forget to retain your own counsel even if you think the divorce itself with be simple and amicable. This is especially true in divorces where there are factors such as involved children, high net worth marriages, situations where one or both partners operate a business, and much more. 

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