Things To Avoid During Your Child Custody Dispute

Pleasanton CA child custodyWe at the Law Office of James P. White understand that child custody disputes are difficult and challenging affairs for all involved parties. Emotions run high, which can lead to a costly lapse of judgement from your part. This is why we drafted these quick pointers to keep in mind as you navigate your child custody dispute in California. Always keep these tips in mind as you work through these delicate affairs, and above all, remember to recruit the assistance of a qualified legal professional who can lend you their expertise.

Do Not Involve Your Children In Your Dispute

The emotional toll that divorce and other family disputes have on children is tremendous. They have enough on their plate as-is, the last thing you want to do is add more stress and pain by bringing up the details of your dispute with them. Children usually love and aim to please both parents, which is why using them as “ammunition” in your case is inconsiderate and cruel. Keep them out of arguments and remember to remain civil with the other parent when they are around.

Do Not Make False Accusations

Many parents look to get ahead in their case by levying false accusations against the other parent. Not only is this illegal, but it usually backfires as well, as the Department of Child and Family Services is duty-bound to investigate any and all claims of abuse in California. Trying to gain an advantage over the other parent could easily lead to you being scrutinized heavily instead.

Avoid Making Moves Without Court or Parental Consent

Another common mistake involves taking action without having the legal authority to do so, such as taking the kids during your unassigned time or moving your child somewhere else without first being cleared by the other parent/the family law courts of California. This can be a costly mistake that could hurt your case and lead to loss of custody, so be sure to opt for legally-sound options and avoid taking initiative on your own.

For all your child custody and other family law matters in California, know that we at the Law Office of James P. White are here to help. Call us today to schedule your free initial consultation.