Should You Supervised Exchanges in Your California Divorce?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAfter a divorce, many parents are surprised to find that co-parenting with the ex is a fairly smooth or straightforward affair. However, other parents aren’t so lucky. Many have to endure exchanges rife with conflict, stress, fear, and more. In these situations, there’s a few options that parents can consider looking into, primarily in the form of supervised or monitored exchanges. 

As the name implies, a supervised or monitored exchange is a process where a neutral third party helps facilitate the child pick up or the drop off. This can take various forms and approaches, but the basic idea is the same: a neutral third party helps mitigate potential conflicts between both parents and helps ensure the safety of the child as well as all involved parties.  

When Should You Request Supervised Exchanges?

There are many different scenarios and situations where supervised exchanges can be a smart choice. Even if things aren’t dire, if you think your child needs to be protected from any potential conflict that arises from you and the ex interacting, supervised or monitored exchanges are a valuable tool worth considering. Depending on your arrangement, you can set it up so that you and the ex have virtually zero interaction while still providing for your child’s full needs. 

How Does a Supervised Exchange Work?

First, parents must identify a neutral third party to help facilitate this process. For the neutral third party, parents can opt for either a non-professional volunteer to manage the hand-off, or go with a formal provider who is professionally trained in this space. Keep in mind that there are specific requirements to account for. The provider must be over 21 years of age and have a clean criminal record regardless of whether he/she is a volunteer facilitator or a professional one.

Talk to a Family Law Attorney Today

If you think your situation can benefit from a supervised exchange, we encourage you to explore your options and take the time to figure out the approach that makes the most sense for you and your loved ones. Don’t forego expert legal advice either and be sure to consult with a qualified divorce attorney before taking any major steps. 

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