Steps to Take After Your Divorce Has Wrapped Up

The focus of our blog posts is usually on the divorce proceedings themselves, which makes sense given that most of our clients retain us to help them during the divorce itself. With that said, we want to mix things up a bit today and go over some tips that you should keep in mind once the divorce has concluded.

The proceedings themselves can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining. Once everything is said and done, most people just want to forget about the whole mess and move on with their lives. Be careful not to forego the following tips as you prepare to navigate your new life!

Keep These Guidelines in Mind Once the Dust Has Settled

If you ever have any doubts or questions about your divorce settlement, we always advise that you reach out to a qualified legal professional. In the meantime, use these tips to help you prepare a mental checklist for things to account for once the divorce is done and over with.

  • Revise all your insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other key documents to ensure that your ex-spouse is no longer listed as a beneficiary.
  • Check in with your employer to ensure that your withholding amount is modified to reflect your new marital status.
  • Immediately close all credit card and bank accounts that might be shared between you and the ex, or that you both have access to.

In addition, here’s the most important tip we’re offering today: always be prepared to go back to court! Disputes happen and either you or the ex could request to have a post judgement modification in place. When this occurs, you don’t want to end on the short end of the stick.

Recruit the Aid of a Skilled Divorce Attorney in California

With these tips in mind, your post-divorce life can go much more smoothly and you can more easily begin to move towards a happy future. When the potential of court is on the table, don’t delay in contacting a skilled family law attorney in CA.

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