What Do I Do When My Spouse Tells Me They Want a Divorce?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWhether it catches you entirely by surprise or if was something you knew to expect, being on the receiving end of divorce papers is always stressful and challenging. Many people have no idea what to do or expect from the divorce process. Unfortunately, when it comes to divorce acting fast is key. 

For today’s post, we’re discussing some of the things you need to think about and act on as soon as you know, or sometimes even suspect, that your spouse is ready to move forward with a divorce. 

Assume Your Spouse Has Lawyered Up In Advance

Speaking from experience, a large portion of people will take the time to consult with an attorney before they even broach the topic of divorce with their spouse. Even if this isn’t the case with your soon-to-be-ex, the assumption that he/she has lawyered up can only benefit you. 

In order to avoid any disadvantages or games, you’ll want to counter this with aid from a legal expert who’ll advocate for you. As soon as you hear a hint of divorce being on the table, it can be hugely beneficial for you to talk to a lawyer ASAP. Best case scenario, you’re able to work out an amicable solution with the help of a skilled professional while having “insurance” in the event that things go south or disputes arise.

Protect and Archive Key Documents

Things can quickly escalate once the intention to divorce is official, and it’s important to be proactive about essential documents and other pieces of information. We recommend you back up all essential documentation online in both a local storage solution (such as a thumb drive or a laptop hard drive) and a cloud storage solution. The physical documents should also have copies stored in a back-up location, especially if you think there is a risk that your spouse is willing to destroy these documents.

Do Not Ignore or Dismiss Any False Allegations or Accusations

Many times, disputes and conflicts can escalate to intense degrees as your divorce approaches. Some people lash out by making false or exaggerated accusations. Even if you and your loved ones fully understand that these are outlandish claims, you should not simply dismiss or ignore them. Navigate carefully, look out for any potential “set ups” such as your spouse baiting you for a response over text, and make sure you give him/her as little ammo as possible.

Consult with an experienced family law attorney as soon as you suspect there might be false allegations or accusations on the table. In general, the list of things and actions to take before a divorce is extensive. Don’t navigate this difficult time without proper legal representation. 

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