Solutions and Approaches to School Choice Disputes with the Ex

Pleasanton CA divorce prenuptial attorneyWhen it comes to points of contention, school choice is up there along with preferred custody arrangements and heated asset division debates. Where the kids go to school can impact every aspect of the entire family’s life, so it’s natural for parents to get invested in their preferred arrangement. 

Today, we’re looking at the ways in which parents typically resolve disputes involving school choice. We’ll also talk about the factors that go into play when the dispute makes its way to the family law courts in CA.


The simplest and easiest approach is the most obvious one: finding a middle ground and coming to an agreement with the ex can save you both a lot of time, money, and potential frustration. Try hashing things out via informal casual chats, and if that doesn’t work you can consider going through a formal mediation process. 

This allows both parties to discuss their preferences with one another in a neutral space, where a qualified legal professional helps move the process along. Just as importantly, mediation can often be done remotely via services such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more. 

When the Courts Weigh in on School Choice Disputes

If negotiations fail or are a non-starter in your situation, the next step is to involve the family law courts. Here, the courts weigh in after looking at a variety of factors. These include:

  • The educational needs of the child
  • The preference of each parent
  • The preference of the child
  • The child’s educational performance
  • The child’s medical needs and whether the schools are able to account for this
  • The potential adjustment period that would come with a major change

Learn More By Speaking With a Skilled Divorce Attorney

These are just some of the factors that are weighed when the courts hand down their recommendation on school choice. Remember, the courts have a significant amount of discretion in their ruling, and it can be difficult to predict how a case might go if you walk in unprepared. 

This is why it’s critical that you consult with a qualified attorney when weighing your options on your school choice dispute with the ex. At the Law Offices of James P. White, we’re experienced in all matters involving family law, divorce, child custody, and more. 

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