Sole Custody in CA: Justifying Your Claim to the Family Law Courts

Pleasanton CA child custodyWhen parents get separated or divorced in CA, child custody is almost always a hot-button issue. Many parents feel that the ex is not a suitable parent and would much rather have sole custody rather than deal with the other parent entirely. 

While requesting sole custody is a valid option when facing the family law courts in CA, the request must be justified in order for the courts to consider the option.Today’s post is a quick look at some legitimate reasons that can help frame your request as you work with your family law attorney and prep for your upcoming CA custody battle.

Feuds with the Ex Don’t Warrant Sole Custody to Family Law Courts

Contentious relationships between parents, even if things are pretty nasty between both parties, are usually not grounds for limiting custody from either parent. In CA, the family law courts prioritize ensuring that the child can have a healthy, happy relationship with both parents. If the feuding doesn’t cause the child any significant risk or threat to their well-being and health, these can prove to be very shaky grounds. 

Remember, the CA family law courts want to do what’s best for the child. Their default preference is to work towards shared custody or a co-parenting plan that ensures the child is cared for and able to thrive.

Legitimate Reasons To Request Sole Custody in California

If warranted, the CA family law courts will opt to grant sole custody in situations that involve:

  • Substance abuse 
  • Domestic violence or abuse
  • Geographical gaps that make it difficult for a parent to fulfill his/her duties
  • Any factors that threaten the safety and wellbeing of a child

With these parameters in mind, there are many situations or circumstances where pushing for sole custody might make sense. 

Recruit the Help of a Custody and Divorce Attorney in California

If you’re looking to establish sole custody in an upcoming custody battle, or have any other questions about custody in CA, don’t delay in reaching out to a qualified professional. At the Law Offices of James P. White, we offer initial consultations. Here, our seasoned attorneys can align with your legal needs and specific circumstances in order to help craft an effective approach.