What is a “Social Media Prenup?”

Pleasanton CA divorce prenuptial attorneyThese days, someone’s brand or online reputation can make or break their career. Thus, people in CA and across the U. S. are always taking steps to protect their online reputation, and these efforts have made their way to the divorce arena.

Today, we want to spend some time talking about “social media prenups.” Many people have the foresight to understand that sometimes things don’t work out, or a relationship changes, and prenuptial agreements have traditionally been used by both parties to pre-arrange terms of a potential divorce. 

Prenups often involve income, assets, or other such high-profile items. These days, you can include social media guidelines or restrictions that you must both adhere to in the event of a divorce, and for good reason.

What You Can Include in Your Social Media Contract

As far as social media stipulations in prenuptials go, they don’t tend to target specific websites. Rather, they focus on specific behaviors. To give you some examples, you might consider including stipulations such as:

  • Neither party is allowed to publish photos or updates that are likely to damage the other person’s reputation
  • Neither party is allowed to publish photos of one another undressed, with little clothes, etc.
  • Neither party is allowed to publicly criticize the other’s parenting via a social media update.
  • Neither party can publish photos showing either drinking, using drugs, committing a crime, etc.
  • Neither party is allowed to make disparaging remarks regarding the other person’s sexual habits, health, or behaviors.

Count on Us to Draft An Effective Social Media Prenup

When the other party fails to adhere to the guidelines set in a prenuptial, penalties can vary but they often involve fines or infractions. That said, you first have to ensure that your contract is sound and enforceable to begin with.

When drafting a prenuptial agreement involving social media, high assets, or any other sensitive facet of your life, you should always consult with a qualified legal professional. At the White Oak Law, we wield our extensive expertise and experience to look at prenuptial agreements from every angle. We can ensure that your rights are protected and that the prenuptial agreement itself is enforceable, rigorous, and effective at achieving your goal.

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