A Review of Visitation Orders in CA

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWhile divorce can bring relief and a sense of turning over a new leaf, things aren’t as streamlined when there are children involved. As the divorce process moves to its conclusion, parents have to determine who the child is going to live with, as well as hammer out a visitation schedule that works for both parents. 

In CA, there are many types of visitation orders available depending on the needs of the parents and the circumstances at hand. For today’s post, we’re looking at the three main types of visitation orders we see when helping clients navigate their custody and visitation issues in CA.

Scheduled Visitation Orders

The most straightforward option, this type of visitation order is based on a pre-set schedule. The specifics can vary, for example some parents may switch custody every weekend. Others might opt for a schedule that accounts for holidays or a parent’s busy work schedule. This schedule is effective in its regularity as it can help keep everyone on track at all times. 

Reasonable Visitation Orders

Similarly to scheduled visitation orders, reasonable visitation orders are a bit more flexible. These are a good option for parents who may be too busy to be able to plan regular visits, etc. Reasonable visitation orders are open-ended and are designed to be adjusted on the fly as needed. This isn’t always a great option when the relationship with the ex isn’t great and he/she isn’t looking to cooperate. 

Supervised Visitation

In more serious cases where there is risk to the child, a court may order supervised visitations. In this type of visitation, the non-custodial parent is not allowed to spend time alone with the child, and the visitation time is to be supervised by either another adult, or even a professional. 

Talk to a Family Law Attorney As Soon As Possible

The family law courts in CA understand that each situation is unique, hence the different approaches to custody that are part of the family law code. That said, visitation can be difficult to hash out, especially if things are tense between you and the ex. 

Here’s where a family law attorney can help. At the Law Offices of James P. White, we dedicate ourselves to helping clients work through all types of family law issues, including those relating to child custody or visitation. 

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