A Review of Factors that Influence Spousal Support in CA

Pleasanton CA famiy lawSpousal support, in the most basic terms, is money that one person is ordered to pay their ex after a divorce, usually for a specified or set period of time. This payment is meant to ensure that both parties are able to have their basic needs met after the divorce, and can apply to domestic partnerships as well. 

Spousal support amounts, duration of payments, and other details are based on a variety of circumstances and factors. There’s no single formula that can help you predict what your outcome might look like for your California divorce, but familiarizing yourself with the relevant key factors can help you get an idea.

Today’s post is a review of factors that can influence the way spousal support is awarded or determined in any California divorce. Get personalized help with this issue by giving us a call directly at 925-271-0999!

Spousal Support in California is Shaped By These Factors

  • Earning capacity: How much will each spouse be able to maintain their standard of living once the finances have been separated and they can no longer count on the other person’s contributions?
  • Ability and desire to self-support: The courts work toward this goal to ensure that neither party relies on the other for the long term. 
  • Age and health: These factors influence the earning potential of both parties, so the family law courts take them into account.
  • Duration of the marriage: The longer the marriage, the longer the payment period assigned by the family law courts.
  • Assets and debts of each party: This includes shared and separate assets.
  • Contributions to education: The courts consider contributions that one partner made to the other’s education, certification, professional development, etc.
  • Domestic violence or spousal abuse: This includes any convictions or documented evidence.
  • Other related or relevant factors: The courts also look at other circumstances and situations that could apply, and this is not an exhaustive list.

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