Responding to Abusive Communications from the Ex

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAs we see time after time, divorce can bring the worst in people. The anger or spitefulness can begin during any step of the divorce process, but it often reaches its peak near or around litigation proceedings. 

During these times, it might be possible that your ex might still reach out to you via email or text for a variety of reasons. He/she might be antagonizing you, looking for a reaction, trying to bait you into lashing out, and more. 

Today, we’re covering tips to keep in mind that can help you respond to communications from the ex that are threatening, abusive, or make you uncomfortable in any capacity.

Avoid Responding When Possible

If the communication from the ex is simply abusive or hateful, and carries no other significant substance, consider ignoring it altogether. There’s no need for you to respond to every communication, and the worst thing you can do is let him/her goad you into responding by insulting you, making abusive statements, and more. 

If you’re unable to resist responding, at least make sure your communication remains calm and is focused on de-escalating. 

Ask Your Lawyer for Help When Responding

In some instances, you might find that you have to respond, especially if the communication pertains to your divorce proceedings. When in doubt, we recommend that you check in with a qualified family law attorney to help you craft a response that is on-message and avoids any non-pertinent details altogether.

Remember that all Communications are Public Record

Finally, keep in mind that all communications between you and the ex is considered public record and could be scrutinized during your divorce proceedings. This is why it is crucial that you not let the ex get the best of you, even if he or she continues to send rude or abusive communications your way.

Talk to a Family Law Attorney Today

These are just some tips to help you navigate your divorce proceedings in CA, especially in regards to email, text, and other forms of digital communication. 

For more in-depth advice, we recommend that you take the time to schedule a initial consultation with one of our skilled family law attorneys. Call us at the Law Offices of James P. White today at 925-271-0999 to book your appointment.