Resolving Custody Disputes by Focusing on the Child’s Needs

Pleasanton CA famiy lawWhen parents divorce, the focus is all too often on the feud between both parties. This conflict-laden approach tends to impact all areas of divorce, including those that involve child custody and visitation arrangements. 

Many parents focus on custody issues with the aim to hurt or punish the other parents. Others fear this happening to them, and it can be easy to lose sight of the true goal: ensuring that the child’s best interests are accounted for. 

CA Family Law Courts Favor the Best Interests of the Child

The family law courts in CA default to this approach by design: every decision is meant to promote the child’s safety. This includes ensuring their safety, allowing the child access to both parents, access to appropriate educational and healthcare providers, and more. 

As the law wants both parents to be engaged and involved, any dishonest attempts to try and gain advantage over the other parent might be seen unfavorably by the courts. On the other hand, it is important that parents accurately report relevant issues which could jeopardize the child’s best interests. Using pertinent facts, the family law courts will determine how much access each parent should have and whether primary rather than joined custody is a better alternative. 

The End of Divorce Does not Mark the End of Custody Issues 

Once the divorce is finalized and the dust settles, it’s important to note that custody issues may be far from over. Until the child turns 18, there’s always the possibility of continued disputes over custody, child support payments, visitation, and more. 

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