Requesting a Custody Modification: Do I Need a Lawyer?

Pleasanton CA child custodyOnce a judge makes a custody order, the decision isn’t set in stone forever. In fact, custody modifications are fairly common, and we typically see parents request modifications every 2-3 years. Reasons for requesting a modification can include changes in circumstances such as if one or both parents move, one or both parents get a new job with new hours, or even when one parent refuses to comply with the current order.

You can request a custody modification via the family law courts, which brings us to our main question: should you proceed with your request by yourself, or do you need to get the help of a family law attorney? Today, we’re discussing how having proper legal representation is important even with straightforward custody modification requests.

How an Family Law Attorney Can Help with Your Custody Modification

It’s important to remember that custody orders have limitations on them. For example, you can’t request a modification if the custody orders were recently changed. In addition, you may need to prove that the modification is in the best interest of the child, otherwise a judge may not grant your request. Before making any concrete steps, it pays to consult with a legal professional, someone who can walk you through your various options and help you decide which approach best makes sense for you and your loved ones. 

Furthermore, the ex might not be so willing to go along with your request. Every parent has his or her own needs and expectations, and we’re never surprised to see conflict arise even in the simplest of requests. This is where you definitely want to have qualified legal counsel on your side, someone who can help you push your case and illustrate why the modification to the custody order makes sense for everyone involved.

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We hope this post provides you with basic information on what to expect when looking to modify a custody order in CA. Of course, every case has its own circumstances and individual nuances. For legal advice that pertains specifically to your situation, remember that we at the Law Office of James P. White are here to help.

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