Does a Person’s Career Choice Impact their Likelihood of Getting Divorced?

Pleasanton CA family lawStaying in theme with our last post, we want to spend some time looking at how career choices can impact divorce rates. After all, people spend most of their time at work. This begs the question: can a person’s career choice increase or decrease the chances that they’ll get divorced?

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Social Work Environments and Divorce

Previously, studies had suggested that men who reside in communities with a large pool of women were more likely to get a divorce down the line. Recently, this notion has been re-examined under the lens of the workplace, as that is where most people spend the majority of their time and form relationships.

Findings correlate this idea, and workplaces that lend themselves to a social environment can encourage a wandering spouse, or more simply, higher divorce rates.

The Effect of Potential Partners in the Workplace

Along these lines, workplaces and careers that expose people to a large pool of potential partners also contribute to this increased rate of divorce. Interestingly, findings suggest that those who work in the hotel and restaurant industry are more likely to get divorced when compared to workers from any other industry.

One potential reason for this is that both of these industries encourage late nights and a constant “party” scene, exposing people to a social environment rife with potential partners.

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