How the Pandemic Continues to Increase to Marital Struggles Across the US

family law adviceThe COVID-19 pandemic is still not yet behind us, though we’re now seeing a relaxation of restrictions across the country and the globe. As many pandemics do, this one came with many surges, peaks, and valleys.

Divorce rates increased across the board during the pandemic, but the ebb and flow of these surges influenced the number of divorces month to month. As restrictions loosen, we’re seeing a small decrease in the number of divorces. 

How did married couples respond to the incoming pandemic, and what specific pandemic-related struggles did they experience? Today’s post is a look at how the pandemic caused strife and marital struggles across all demographics, as well as the impact that is sure to last for at least a few more years if not longer. 

Marital Obstacles and Challenges During the Pandemic

Not surprisingly, the most common reasons for divorce during the pandemic were no different than the usual reasons for divorce. The key difference is that the pandemic increased the frequency that couples had to face these types of obstacles and challenges, for various reasons.

These include:

  • Financial struggles: The pandemic disrupted many people’s livelihood and financial health has been at an all-time-low for many marriages. As financial struggles increase, so does the likelihood of divorce.
  • Parenting struggles: The pandemic forced many kids to stay home for remote learning, forcing parents to either become babysitters/facilitators, or find ways to provide their children with the support that they need. The added pressure taxed many marriages to their breaking point.
  • Uncertainty about the future: Particularly early on, no one really knew what the pandemic meant, how it would spread, or what its impact would be. This made many take stock in what it means to live once, and spurred people to break off an existing or pending marriage.
  • Infidelity: While pandemic restrictions might have made infidelity logistically more complex for some, plenty still took the opportunity to engage in extramarital affairs. Being locked down with the same people or restricted to a small bubble might have intensified the impulses for some due to boredom or restlessness. 
  • More time around the ex: The lockdown forced couples to spend a lot of time together. This made many realize that they are not so compatible with their partner, whether in an existing long-term marriage or amongst a couple that was hoping to wed soon. COVID-19 further had people postponing weddings, which gave couples even more time to spend directly amongst themselves.

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As the pandemic hopefully reaches its last waning points, it will be interesting to see whether the increased divorce rates will sustain. With the latest decline, we saw a small decrease in divorces. That said, people are still getting divorced and navigating the family law courts in CA for other related matters.

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