Older Couples and Divorce in CA: Additional Challenges to Know About

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyDivorce is on the rise amongst all age groups, including older adults. While the process of divorce is never easy, we’ve found that older individuals often face additional challenges that they were not expecting. Our years of experience helping clients all across California has led us to develop this short list of additional challenges that older adults who are looking to get divorced should be aware of.

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For now, be sure to keep these challenges in mind as you navigate your upcoming California divorce.

Changes in Healthcare Coverage

After a divorce, many people lose access to the health insurance that they had via their spouse. This one can hit older adults especially hard as medical costs continue to skyrocket. In addition, many people are often removed as the beneficiary on life insurance and other types of insurance policies.

Property Division and Retirement Assets

All property and assets are subject to division once the divorce is underway, which includes retirement accounts, pensions, 401(k)s, and other savings accounts. This can have disastrous results on an older adult’s finances, especially if they are struggling to find gainful employment.

The Effect of Divorce on Older Children

Divorce impacts older children much more differently than it does younger ones. Many adult children might feel financially pressured as they scramble to account for the essential needs of one or both parents. This can put stress on all relationships. Another thing we commonly see is that adult children are expected to pick a side and parents are much more willing to get them involved in the middle of the conflict.

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These are just some of the main things for older adults to consider as they move towards a potential divorce. It might seem like a lot to account for, which is where the assistance of a qualified legal professional is vital.

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