How Mediation Saves Your Money

hand_ shakeWhenever someone gets involved in a legal dispute, there are often two main questions at the forefront: how can they protect their interests in the resulting outcome, and how can this be achieved via the most efficient way possible? These questions certainly apply to disputes involving family law.

As we’ve discussed, mediation is an alternative to litigation, one that can help you resolve your dispute while allowing you to save time and money. Today, we’re looking at the reasons behind why mediation is more cost effective than other methods used to resolve family law disputes.


  • Expedited proceedings: Since mediation is designed to address a small set of issues within a context where both parties are encouraged to collaborate, it leads to lower overall costs. This is also true in regards to any fees associated with legal professionals such as mediators, who have to deal with less back-and-forth and can push the proceedings along to a quick outcome.


  • Less professionals are involved: Along similar lines, collaborating with one another means you don’t need the outside help of other legal experts such as lawyers, court staff, and more. 


  • More productive discussions: Mediation is most effective when both parties are open to discussion and willing to cooperate. This means less conflicts, less court dates, and outcomes where you enjoy a higher degree of control over.


  • Future adjustments are easy to implement: Mediation arrangements often include clauses where both parties can request modifications as needed under specific conditions. These guidelines allow for convenient adjustment of the terms without the need for additional lengthy legal proceedings.

These are just some of the ways in which mediation continues to be one of our most effective 

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