Mediation Myths: Which of These Rumors Have You Heard?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyCourtroom drama and divorce stories are always big on TV and other forms of popular entertainment. While this is great for producers, viewers often take what they see and assume that real family law proceedings work the same way. 15

To help clear some things up, we want to look at a few common mediation myths that seem to get around a lot. Mediation isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but when leveraged properly, can be a great tool that helps you, your loved ones, and even the other party come to an agreement that works for everyone involved. 

Myth 1: Mediators can be Biased Towards One Parent

Many people have this notion that a mediator will lean towards the party that is more dominant or more likeable. This is simply not true. Mediators are neutral parties who help push the conversation towards a resolution and have zero vested interest in the outcome or how it affects both parents. Even in cases where you suspect that the mediator might not be as neutral as you’d like, there’s an additional safeguard in place: your attorney.

Myth 2: Your Attorney Can’t Be Part of the Mediation

Another popular myth is that your attorney is not allowed to help you with mediation proceedings. This is another false statement, as attorneys can help you review all potential outcomes and decisions, safeguard your interests during each step of the process, and more. In fact, moving forward without an attorney, even when both parties agree to mediation, is a critical mistake that places you at a serious disadvantage.

Myth 3: Mediation is Always Better than Going to Court

This is another major misconception about mediation. It’s true that mediation will often lead to a better outcome in many cases, but this is not a universal truth. Sometimes going to court is the only way to protect yourself and your loved ones. This applies especially in cases that involve domestic abuse, attempts to hide assets, and more. If the other party is antagonizing or hostile, mediation is often a poor choice.

Consult with a Qualified CA Divorce Attorney

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to mediation. The only surefire way to ensure that you’re taking the best possible approach for your particular situation is to check with a qualified legal professional. You need a legal advocate who can navigate you through your mediation or other family law proceedings from beginning to end.

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