Mediation Can Pave a Path Forward Even In Disputed Divorces

We often speak about the merits of mediation. The main benefits are simple to grasp: effective mediation saves everyone time, money, and helps all involved parties move forward with a more positive, optimist outlook. It also ensures that relationships between family members can stay relatively stable and amicable, which is critical when there are children involved. 

Mediation works best when both parties are willing to compromise and cooperate. However, mediation can also be very effective in cases where parents refuse to budge on their stance. Here’s where professional mediators bring their dispute resolution skills to the table. 

Before we look into what they bring to the table, let’s take a look at some of the top issues in mediation. When it comes to most couples, these are often the issues that cause the biggest sources of conflict and contention during the divorce process:

  • Child custody and support arrangements
  • Child visitation/parenting schedules
  • Asset and debt division
  • Decisions such as who gets to stay in the family home and whether it should be sold
  • Other key decisions about the health, education, or upbringing of the children

Mediators are Qualified to Guide Couples Through All Divorce Disputes

Mediation is specifically tailored to help solve disputes and disagreements between feuding parties. While the process is certainly much smoother when both parties are aligned, a mediator is trained with the skills to go between both parties and help hash out a solution. They do this while remaining fully impartial and do not favor one parent over the other. 

A qualified mediator in CA understands the divorce process in and out. They tap into their extensive legal expertise to help keep couples out of the courtroom, which saves everyone time and money.

If you don’t see the ex budging on a certain issue, don’t assume mediation can’t help you find common ground. After all, couples who agree on most divorce terms/stipulations don’t typically need to look into mediation. 

Learn more about how mediation can help you and your loved ones move forward. Contact us at the Law Offices of James P. White to speak with our reputable CA family law attorneys. We can help you explore options that best suit your situation, whether this involves mediation, going into the courtroom, and more.