How Long Do Divorce Proceedings Last In California?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAt the Law Office of James P. White, we get many questions about divorce, especially early on as individuals look to weigh their options. One of the main questions that we get is “how quickly can I get a divorce?” Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this question because, as with many things in life, it varies depending on what factors are at play.

This is especially true in contested divorces where and your partner are unable to see eye to eye on matters such as property/asset division and child custody/visitation arrangements. That said, there are some general guidelines to keep in mind as you seek to finalize your divorce proceedings. Remember, these are broad guidelines that may not always apply to your specific circumstances. For more specific advice, we invite you to reach out to us at the Law Office of James P. White.

California’s Six Month Waiting Period

While there is generally no set schedule for how divorce proceedings should play out, the State of California does require that divorcing couples wait at least six months and one day after divorce papers were served to finalize the process. This is known as the “cooling off” period, with the idea being that this gives couples a chance to contemplate the divorce and really make sure that they want to follow through with it.

Of course, this is the bare minimum required by the state. Generally, we see proceedings drag out for much longer when there is conflict between both parties, usually stemming from disagreements that center on custody or visitation rights or division of assets. Not only that, but sometimes one party simply refuses to cooperate, which further causes things to drag on. In these instances, the best thing you can do to protect your interests is to consult with an experienced California family law attorney.

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