Leveraging Social Media in Your Child Custody Dispute

Pleasanton CA Child Custody attorneySocial media use continues to skyrocket, and currently over 70 percent of all U. S. adults have one or more social media accounts. This has actually been changing the way people proceed in their divorce proceedings, and for one key reason: both parties are now looking for ways to leverage social media against one another.

You or your partner might appear to be courteous and professional when in front of a judge, but can the same be said of your online presence? For today’s post we’re discussing ways to turn the scales in your favor when it comes to what your social media profile says about you and the ex.

Take Note of The Ex’s Offensive or Boundary-Crossing Behaviors Online

If you or a friend still have your ex on social media, there’s a few things you can look out for. Take screenshots of posts, comments, or any other form of online behavior that reveals financial instability, substance abuse, and anything else that a family law judge would frown upon. The goal here isn’t to slander the ex just for the sake of it, but rather to demonstrate how his or her actions could be detrimental to the well-being of your child.

Keep your eyes peeled for this type of content. People are a lot more impulsive and less guarded when behind a screen.

Avoid Giving the Ex Ammo via Your Online Presence

Likewise, you also have to take care to protect yourself from your ex or his/her attorney using something against you. Sure, it’s possible you might be able to explain a questionable picture with context, or maybe your attorney can effectively bat it down as irrelevant. Our advice however is don’t take the risk to begin with. 

Really scrutinize everything you publish online, and ask yourself if it has any risk of being misinterpreted or used against you.

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 We hope these steps help you practice better social media habits while providing you with ways to strengthen your case. We at the Law Offices of James P. White understand that child custody cases are complex and challenging affairs, which is why you should take every advantage that you can get.

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