Legitimate Reasons to Stop the Child Support Payments in CA

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyChild support obligations are pretty clear cut on how long a parent needs to support a child – until the child reaches the age of majority. In California, this is either when the child turns 19 or when he/she graduates from high school. 

Child support arrangements are typically finalized during a divorce, and the agreement is binding. While parents can support modifications or changes based on specific criteria, it is very unlikely that the family law courts will ever move to flat out stop child support payments. 

That said, there are a few instances where this rare event can happen. Today’s post covers various legitimate reasons that may lead to the end of child support payments. 

The Parents Get Back Together

When parents reconcile, this fundamentally changes the child support arrangement. This doesn’t happen automatically once the couple re-marries however, and individuals have to seek the change via the family law courts in CA.

The Child Enrolls in the Armed Services

Children can join the armed services without permission starting at age 17 or 18. When they do this, they become adults from a legal sense, and he/she will be earning their own wages. Thus, child support can be terminated as is no longer a legal requirement.

The Child is Married or Has a Domestic Partner 

In CA, anyone under the age of 18 needs to have parental permission to be married. If granted, the child’s legal status changes and parents are no longer obliged to make child support payments. 

Parental Rights are Terminated

There are cases where the courts can choose to end a person’s parental rights over their child. This can happen in cases where a parent has had very little contact with the child, is unfit to pursue a relationship with the child, and more. Parents can also voluntarily terminate their parental rights. Once this happens, child support is no longer on the table.

Talk to a Family Law Attorney

These are just a few of the ways that child support can be legally terminated in CA. For more specific legal guidance, we implore you to reach out to a qualified family law attorney.

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