Legalized Marijuana Usage and Child Custody

Pleasanton CA child custodyIn the state of California, recreational marijuana was legalized in 2018 for adults aged 21 and up. This may seem like a victory to those who choose to partake in its usage on a regular basis, but for some, this recreational habit may not bode well when in the middle of a child custody battle with an ex-spouse or domestic partner. 

When you’re fighting for custody of a child, you may be under additional scrutiny when it comes to your actions. Some exes may go so far as to hire a private investigator to have an ex followed in order to build a case against the other person and be possibly be granted full custody for documented evidence of unfit parenting.

When involved in these matters, you need to do everything you can to protect yourself and your loved ones. It’s very important to ask yourself if using marijuana (even legally) is worth the risk of potentially losing custody of your child for an activity that some may still consider irresponsible. 

Key Custody Tips to Know When Legal Medical Marijuana is Involved

If you feel you must continue to use marijuana recreationally, it’s important to keep these things in mind: 

  • Don’t smoke around your child, as you never know how you may be influencing their own personal decisions and views on something like drug usage. 
  • Do not attempt to get in your car while intoxicated, as you may be caught and fined for this type of infraction. 
  • Keep any marijuana well-hidden and away from children.
  • Know the statute on legalized marijuana for your state, and do not risk your parental rights by consuming more than what’s allowed. 

Knowing that you are in the middle of a sensitive legal case like that of child custody, sometimes it’s best to abstain if you think you might be at risk of potentially losing your case.  

Learn More By Contacting a Family Law Attorney in CA

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