Apr 2020
29th Apr 2020

Tips for Co-Parenting during the COVID-19 Outbreak

We’re now several months into the COVID-19 outbreak and the timeline is still rather blurred. With different states and organizations offering different guidelines, it’s clear that we are still at least weeks away from returning to any sort of “normal.” 
23rd Apr 2020

A Few Key Terms to Know When Navigating a Divorce in CA

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyToday, we wanted to switch things up a bit. Instead of taking a more focused look at one topic, we thought it might be useful to compile a brief vocabulary list that can help anyone involved in a CA divorce. This post contains some of the more common terms you should be familiar with, though keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list! 
14th Apr 2020

How Power of Attorney Can Help Protect Your Child If You Become Ill

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyWith the COVID-19 outbreak in the forefront of everyone’s mind, many parents have begun to ask themselves the following question: “what if I get sick?” This doesn’t just apply to the coronavirus either, and the possibility of illness or disability is always present. 
5th Apr 2020

How COVID-19 is Affecting Divorces Across the Country

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyThe effects that COVID-19 is having across all facets of life is unprecedented. The outbreak has spun the economy to a stand-still, infected over 3.5 million people globally as of this writing, and has forced countless into voluntary and involuntary quarantine.

Today, we’re discussing the effects that the pandemic is having on divorces, especially considering that many courts are closed for divorces. 
Mar 2020
28th Mar 2020

Requesting a Custody Modification: Do I Need a Lawyer?

Pleasanton CA child custodyOnce a judge makes a custody order, the decision isn’t set in stone forever. In fact, custody modifications are fairly common, and we typically see parents request modifications every 2-3 years. Reasons for requesting a modification can include changes in circumstances such as if one or both parents move, one or both parents get a new job with new hours, or even when one parent refuses to comply with the current order.
20th Mar 2020

How Divorcing an Addict Can Carry Additional Challenges

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyAddiction is a difficult struggle not just for the addict, but for his/her loved ones as well. We often see the toll that addiction takes on a marriage, and in many cases the problem only gets worse over time. In some cases, people are able to fight their addiction via approaches such as 12 step programs, but unfortunately relapses happen and the cycle continues.

At some point, a person has to choose between staying with a spouse who is suffering from a worsening addiction, or leave the marriage for their own sake. For today’s post, we want to take a look at the unique struggles and challenges faced by someone who is trying to leave a marriage where addiction is a problem.
12th Mar 2020

A Refresher on Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWith each passing year, divorce rates have decreased a bit across the United States. That said, plenty of people are still getting divorced year after year, and we thought we’d take some time to offer a refresher on a key topic: common divorce mistakes. 
7th Mar 2020

Tips for Dealing with False Accusations in Court

Pleasanton CA famiy lawBeing on the receiving end of a false accusation while in court can be terrifying. False accusations are unfortunately a common occurrence when it comes to family law cases in CA. This is especially true when the ex might be feeling vindictive or is willing to go to any lengths to “win” a case.
Feb 2020
25th Feb 2020

About Adult Adoption in California

Pleasanton CA famiy lawAdult adoption is a fairly common occurrence in CA. Defined as the process where one adult adopts a younger, unrelated adult, this type of adoption isn’t often at the forefront of family law discussions.
18th Feb 2020

Transgender Adoption in California

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyMaking the choice to adopt a child can be an exciting and sometimes stressful process for those who want to become parents. There’s extensive paperwork involved for opposite sex and same sex couples alike and then a potentially long waiting period for an answer. The couple wanting to adopt will also have to go through an intense interviewing process to make sure everything checks out from a legal stance in order to be considered fit for parenting. Given all this red tape, what does this mean for those who identify as transgender and who are also wanting to adopt?
10th Feb 2020

Divorce After 50 is On the Rise

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorce rates appear to be on the decline due to wary millennials waiting longer to settle down and marry, yet divorce rates after the age of 50 have been steadily increasing in the U.S. since the early nineties. Gray divorce (known also as divorce after 50) has been found to be even more devastating for both parties than with other age groups. This isn’t only from a financial angle, but an emotional one as well. Research has shown that the older a couple is, the more difficult it can be to bounce back after experiencing a loss like a divorce. 
3rd Feb 2020

The Connection Between Divorce and Mental Health

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyMarriage can be a roller coaster of good times as well as stressful ones for many couples, even when they are generally happy within their union. When you have a partner that is affected by something like a diagnosed mental illness, the marriage usually takes on an additional layer of stress if the other partner is not equipped to deal with this type of marital discord.
Jan 2020
25th Jan 2020

Expecting a Rocky Divoce? Steps to Take In Preparation

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWe at the Law Offices of James P. White often advocate for alternative dispute resolutions, or any other route that might avoid a hostile and contentious divorce. However, as years of experience have illustrated, a tough or rocky divorce isn’t always avoidable.
15th Jan 2020

The Ex Isn’t Paying Child Support, Can I Deny Visitation Rights?

Pleasanton CA famiy lawDealing with child custody and support is never easy: after all, this often involves complex emotions and disputes where neither party is willing to budge. For example, one of the most common types of conflicts involves a parent who refuses to pay his or her court-mandated child support.
10th Jan 2020

Legalized Marijuana Usage and Child Custody

Pleasanton CA child custodyIn the state of California, recreational marijuana was legalized in 2018 for adults aged 21 and up. This may seem like a victory to those who choose to partake in its usage on a regular basis, but for some, this recreational habit may not bode well when in the middle of a child custody battle with an ex-spouse or domestic partner. 
3rd Jan 2020

When is a Collaborative Divorce Most Appropriate?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyIt’s never easy when a romantic relationship dissolves. When a marriage or legal partnership ends, there is usually even more at stake. If both parties recognize that the relationship is no longer salvageable and must end, divorce can be a painstaking process for everyone involved.
Dec 2019
31st Dec 2019

The Benefits of an Involved Father in a Child’s Development

Pleasanton CA child custodyIn CA, one of the primary tenets behind custody laws and family law in general is a high level of parental involvement from all sides. The family law code often favors 59/50 split custody for this reason, unless there are other factors a play or a child’s well-being is threatened under one of the parents.
20th Dec 2019

Home Equity and Divorce: How does it work in CA?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWhen many couples purchase a home together, they often do so with the expectation that they’ll continue living in it happily together for years to come. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always pan out how we expect it, and soon-to-be-divorced couples often find themselves negotiating how to handle the shared home equity.

For this post, we’re offering a quick look at the most common types of ways that home equity is either split or handled after a divorce.
12th Dec 2019

Responding to Abusive Communications from the Ex

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAs we see time after time, divorce can bring the worst in people. The anger or spitefulness can begin during any step of the divorce process, but it often reaches its peak near or around litigation proceedings. 
5th Dec 2019

How Mediation Saves Your Money

hand_ shakeWhenever someone gets involved in a legal dispute, there are often two main questions at the forefront: how can they protect their interests in the resulting outcome, and how can this be achieved via the most efficient way possible? These questions certainly apply to disputes involving family law.
Oct 2019
30th Oct 2019

A Crash Course on Spousal Support Petitions in California

Pleasanton CA family lawA divorce judgement will often include spousal support for one of the partners. This is financial support that is designed to give that person stability while he/she navigates their new life without the other partner. The exact amounts and duration of these payments varies, so most people don’t know exactly what to expect when it comes to spousal support.
25th Oct 2019

Ask a CA Divorce Attorney: Keeping Divorce Costs Down

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAs if dealing with the emotional side of your divorce isn’t enough, having to deal with steep divorce costs can be downright demoralizing. Cost is certainly one of the biggest concerns we hear about when we meet with clients. The truth is that divorce costs can range, especially because no two divorces are exactly alike.
12th Oct 2019

Can I Record My Spouse Without Him or Her Knowing?

Pleasanton CA famiy lawAt the Law Office of James P. White, we often hear about the problems that lead up to a divorce. Naturally, many people who are stuck in a bad marriage are often looking to protect themselves as they prepare for the upcoming divorce
4th Oct 2019

An Overview of Online Divorce in CA

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWith smartphones in everyone’s pockets, it feels like everything has finally caught up to the online era. You can do basically everything online these days, and now you can add divorce to that list of things.