Nov 2021
20th Nov 2021

Ways People Accidentally Extend the Duration of a CA Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAt the Law Offices of James P. White, our clients almost always ask “how long will my divorce take?” After all, an expedient divorce means less complications and less expenses. There’s no quick answer to this question however, and the duration of any individual divorce will always depend on individual factors. 
15th Nov 2021

When Do Family Law Courts Order Drug Tests?

Pleasanton CA child custodyAs parents feud over custody rights, it’s not uncommon for them to toss allegations at one another in an attempt to disparage the other parent and win points with the family law courts. A common allegation involves the claims that a parent is abusing drugs or any other illicit substance. 
10th Nov 2021

Is the Ex Hiding Assets? Clues to Look Out For

Pleasanton CA famiy lawAlong with the emotional fallout and stress that comes with divorce, there are financial implications to think about as well. Cost of living continues to rise at a steady rate, and the loss of half or more of the family income post-divorce could prove to be catastrophic.
5th Nov 2021

Can a Child Refuse to See or Stay With the Other Parent?

The aftermath of your divorce can cause waves and impact relationships amongst all members of the family, including children. Many of them struggle to cope with their new arrangements, whether this involves shared custody, having to deal with the loss of both parents under the same roof, and more. 
Oct 2021
20th Oct 2021

What Are the Leading Causes of Divorce in Long-term Marriage?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyPeople commonly assume that younger or newer marriages are more likely to end in divorce than older or more established marriages. However, as we at the Law Offices of James P. White have seen, long-term marriages are not necessarily immune to divorce
15th Oct 2021

Helping Your Family Adjust to a Joint Custody Arrangement

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyThe dust is finally settling and you and the ex are moving to a joint custody arrangement where you both share equal custody of your children. While this approach is often ideal to protect their interests and well-being, the transition itself is not always so easy. This is further complicated by bickering adults, having to adjust to new schedules/lives, having to deal with the sense of loss for the family unit, and more. 
10th Oct 2021

Ask a CA Divorce Attorney: Unemployed or Stay at Home Parent?

Pleasanton CA famiy lawThe job market has been more volatile than ever before, and many parents have struggled with sporadic or no work. The timing can be challenging for those who are currently getting divorced, as unemployment can enable a parent to be with the child full-time and try to tip the custody battle in their favor. 
5th Oct 2021

Divorcing an Unfaithful or Cheating Spouse

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorce is almost always a painful process, especially when infidelity or cheating is involved. This often leads to conflicting emotions and a lot of anger or resentment from one or both parties. Unfortunately, this can serve as a double-edged sword in court because even though such strong emotions are involved, it is important that you try to present yourself as composed and amicable in courtroom hearings, mediation, and other family law proceedings.
Sep 2021
26th Sep 2021

What Steps Can I Take to Influence the Resolution of my CA Divorce?

We often talk about how much uncertainty comes with a divorce. With so many factors at play, it can be difficult to predict what the outcome of your divorce may look like with 100% certainty. However, the consequences of your divorce and finalized arrangement can shape your life for years or decades to come. 

Is there anything you can do to help influence or shape this resolution? Today’s post is focused on tips that are meant to empower anyone to help guide their family law case towards a direction that better protects them, as well as the lives of their loved ones. 
20th Sep 2021

Sole Custody in CA: Justifying Your Claim to the Family Law Courts

Pleasanton CA child custodyWhen parents get separated or divorced in CA, child custody is almost always a hot-button issue. Many parents feel that the ex is not a suitable parent and would much rather have sole custody rather than deal with the other parent entirely. 

While requesting sole custody is a valid option when facing the family law courts in CA, the request must be justified in order for the courts to consider the option.Today’s post is a quick look at some legitimate reasons that can help frame your request as you work with your family law attorney and prep for your upcoming CA custody battle.
10th Sep 2021

Best Practices to Help Protect Your Health During Your Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce prenuptial attorneyDifficult or stressful times can leave a long-term impression on most people, especially when it comes to defining hardships such as divorce. These harrowing experiences don’t just jeopardize your mental health, they can have a very real effect on your physical health as well. 
4th Sep 2021

Mediation Can Pave a Path Forward Even In Disputed Divorces

We often speak about the merits of mediation. The main benefits are simple to grasp: effective mediation saves everyone time, money, and helps all involved parties move forward with a more positive, optimist outlook. It also ensures that relationships between family members can stay relatively stable and amicable, which is critical when there are children involved. 
Aug 2021
25th Aug 2021

Preparing For Life After Divorcing the Breadwinner

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorcing the primary breadwinner can be a necessary but terrifying step for many, especially in today’s increasingly competitive and expensive economic landscape. While divorce can be financial and emotionally challenging for all involved parties, the primary breadwinner still gets to enjoy significantly more stability than the spouse who earns less or doesn’t work.
18th Aug 2021

Does My Boss or Workplace Need to Know About my Divorce?

Pleasanton CA famiy lawA divorce is a highly personal and sensitive matter for most people. Likewise, choosing who to share any details about a divorce is a personal decision that people should be able to make for themselves. 
12th Aug 2021

Domestic Abuse Can Jeopardize Custody Rights for Victims As Well

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyWe’ve previously discussed how perpetrators of domestic abuse can have their custody/parental rights removed or placed at risk. This is especially true when there is a criminal conviction. However, the risk can extend to even the victims of domestic violence and abuse. 
7th Aug 2021

Addressing Custody Issues When a Parent is a Habitual No-Show

Pleasanton CA Child Custody attorneyCustody orders define when and how each parent spends time with their children after a divorce. Custody orders often define parameters such as visitation schedules, specifics on how far each parent can travel while the child is under their care, how much financial support each parent is entitled to, and more. 
Jul 2021
26th Jul 2021

Helping Children Stay Safe While on Social Media

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyThese days, everyone seems to be aware of the dangers of social media. Despite this, social media use is increasingly on the rise, with recent estimates placing social media users at around 3.78 billion people.

Social media is used by people from all age groups, but these figures can sometimes skew towards younger demographics. For today’s post, we’re discussing ways you can help your children practice good habits and stay safe while using social media, especially if you and your loved ones are currently going through any divorce or family law issues. 
13th Jul 2021

Should I Share Details About my Divorce to my Therapist?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorce can be difficult on everyone including yourself, your children, and other loved ones. Even if this isn’t your first divorce, the psychological effects of going through the divorce process cannot be understated, and it’s not uncommon for people to experience depression, anger, and in some cases post-traumatic stress disorder.
10th Jul 2021

Trusts and Divorce: How do I Protect These Assets During a Divorce?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyTrusts are a key way for people to protect their wealth and assets from generation to generation. Whether you’re looking to pass decades of wealth or perhaps a more humble sum to your kids and other relatives, trusts are effective at ensuring the money goes where you want it to go. 

However, divorce can throw more than a few wrenches into this equation. How can you ensure that someone doesn’t walk off with half of what is rightfully yours and your family’s? The answer isn’t entirely straightforward, and a lot of it depends on your specific circumstances. For example, two major factors are the language and the timing used in your trust. 
3rd Jul 2021

Does Assisted Reproduction Impact Parental Rights in CA?

Pleasanton CA famiy lawThere are times when couples resort to assisted reproduction in order to have a child. Whether they opt for a sperm donor or or an ova donor, there are many key decisions that soon-to-be parents must make as they prepare for this new journey. 

One question that often pops to mind, at least in relation to family law in CA, is how this might impact or influence parental rights, either at the point of birth or later down the line. Today’s post seeks to answer just that, where we’ll be looking into how parental rights work when assisted reproduction is part of the equation.
Jun 2021
20th Jun 2021

Will My Criminal Case in CA Impact Child Custody or Visitation Rights?

Pleasanton CA child custodyCustody disputes are often tricky because at the end of the day, most people want what’s best for the child. This goes for the family court officials as well - their goal is to ensure that a child is safe, cared for, and able to have a healthy relationship with both parents. 
12th Jun 2021

Cryptocurrency Adds Additional Challenges to a California Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWhether you love it, hate it, or simply don’t care either way, cryptocurrency has officially entered the mainstream. With many banks, corporations, and even government agencies trying to get into the crypto game, there’s no denying that these novel approaches to financial assets are more popular than ever. 
9th Jun 2021

What Do I Do When My Spouse Tells Me They Want a Divorce?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWhether it catches you entirely by surprise or if was something you knew to expect, being on the receiving end of divorce papers is always stressful and challenging. Many people have no idea what to do or expect from the divorce process. Unfortunately, when it comes to divorce acting fast is key. 
3rd Jun 2021

Which Parent is Responsible for Covering a Child’s Health Insurance?

Pleasanton CA famiy lawDuring divorce proceedings, there’s a division of assets and liabilities, as well as financial responsibilities. This can become a truly complicated process, especially when there is a child in the mix. Both parents are responsible for caring and looking after a child, but assessing who pays for what exactly isn’t always clear-cut. For example, who covers health insurance? What about when this involves a child who has a chronic or long-term illness, or suddenly racked up extensive hospital bills after an unexpected accident or injury?