Aug 2019
27th Aug 2019

Arbitration: A Potential Solution for your California Divorce Disputes

Pleasanton CA family lawArbitration, like mediation, is a form of alternative dispute resolution that can help you wrap up your divorce without having to go through the usual lengthy proceedings. Unlike mediation, however, the process is a bit more formal and the arbitrator ends up handing down a “ruling” after hearing both sides of the argument.
27th Aug 2019

Mediation Myths: Which of These Rumors Have You Heard?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyCourtroom drama and divorce stories are always big on TV and other forms of popular entertainment. While this is great for producers, viewers often take what they see and assume that real family law proceedings work the same way. 15
10th Aug 2019

How Does a Disability Impact Child Support Payments?

Pleasanton CA famiy lawChild support payments, while important, can sometimes feel like a financial burden. This is especially true when you consider the potential for unexpected circumstances such as a physical disability. Today, we want to look at what happens to child support parents when the paying parent becomes disabled and is potentially no longer able to work. This scenario can be a disaster for all involved parties, especially the child depending on the payments for his/her basic needs.
5th Aug 2019

How Can I Collect Missed Child Support Payments?

Pleasanton CA family lawMissed child support payments are a problem that far too many single parents struggle with. When the other parent shirks his or her financial responsibility, this can leave the other party hanging and potentially unable to provide for the child’s basic needs. Naturally, the California family law courts don’t look kindly upon those who miss their child support payments, which is why there are established legal procedures you can explore when trying to collect missing payments.
Jun 2019
25th Jun 2019

What Happens to the Ring if the Marriage Falls Through?

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyThe engagement and wedding rings are essential cornerstones of most marriage ceremonies and traditions all over the country. Add their high monetary value to the formula, and you have a recipe for conflict if the marriage ends or never takes place. Specifically, who exactly gets to keep the ring if things fall apart?
20th Jun 2019

Destination Divorces: Severing the Knot While on Holiday

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWe’re all familiar with destination weddings but have you heard about destination divorces? A trend that was popular in Europe before it hit the United States, those who are looking to get a divorce can sign up for a vacation-focused proceedings that are offered by several 20competing providers.
10th Jun 2019

Parental Alienation: Signs to Look Out For

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyDefined as behaviors designed to drive a wedge between a parent and his/her children, parental alienation is a form of abuse. When one parent interferes with a child’s relationship with the other parent via manipulation or deceit, this can lead to devastating consequences. Children who are victims of parental alienation can suffer from depression, bonding problems, substance abuse, guilt, and much more. Not only that, but being cut-off from his/her child has a serious emotional toll for the other parent, all at the hands of a selfish or spiteful ex-partner.
4th Jun 2019

How Domestic Violence Can Impact your Right to Own Firearms in CA

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyThis year, California introduced several gun control bills aimed at those who have been convicted of domestic violence. Lawmakers sought to protect victims of domestic abuse by limiting the access to firearms that their abusers might have within a set of three gun control laws, all of which took effect starting on January 2019.
May 2019
31st May 2019

Dealing with your Home During Your California Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyReal estate is easily the biggest investment in anyone’s lifetime, and many couples purchase property with the intention of living in it together for years to come. When divorce is suddenly and unexpectedly on the table, many people find themselves stumped. What should happen with the home, and what steps can they take to ensure that their share of the investment remains protected?
20th May 2019

A Refresher on What’s Mine vs What’s Ours: Separate and Marital Property in CA

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyWhile our clients don’t exactly enjoy their divorce proceedings, the process of asset division is often the biggest headache for most people. Nobody wants to end up on the short end of the stick, but without a prenuptial agreement in place, most property will simply be divided between both parties.
10th May 2019

How Parents of Special Needs Children Can Prepare for a Post-Divorce Life

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyRaising children is tough, and the challenges faced by parents of children with special needs are monumental. For these parents, divorce might seem like an impossible ordeal, especially because their child’s needs still need to accounted for.
5th May 2019

I’ve Been Offered a Prenuptial Agreement, Now What?

PrenuptialPleasanton CA divorce prenuptial attorney agreements have a bad reputation with many. People see these agreements as back-up plans for those who are not ready for marriage, or as a cop-out for giving up versus putting in the work towards a successful marriage. Others see it as a way for one person to take advantage of or cheat the other person out of a fair divorce settlement.
Apr 2019
30th Apr 2019

Steps to Take After Your Divorce Has Wrapped Up

The focus of our blog posts is usually on the divorce proceedings themselves, which makes sense given that most of our clients retain us to help them during the divorce itself. With that said, we want to mix things up a bit today and go over some tips that you should keep in mind once the divorce has concluded.
15th Apr 2019

Tips for Uncovering Hidden Assets during your Divorce Proceedings

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWe see it far too often during divorce proceedings in CA: a sneaky spouse does what he/she can to hide assets, often to much success. This can stack things unfairly against the other person, not to mention the illegality of the act itself. For this post, we’re going over tips that can help you uncover your spouse’s attempts at hiding assets and ensuring that you get your fair share of the community property.
10th Apr 2019

Science Says: Most Kids of Divorced Parents Turn Out Just Fine

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorced parents and their children often get a bad rap. We’ve all heard the myths about how divorce “messes up” kids and hurts their chances to be healthy, normal adults. We say myth because while none of these statements have ever been quantified, recent studies are beginning to prove just the opposite.
5th Apr 2019

Disputing or Reopening Your Divorce Settlement in CA

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyIn California, it is not uncommon for someone to be unhappy with the finalized divorce arrangement that they end up with after the dust has settled. We’re often asked about whether a settlement can be disputed or reopened, which inspired us to focus on this topic for this blog post.
1st Apr 2019

Tips for Effectively Using Your Child Support Payments

Pleasanton CA child supportOnce the dust settles and child support payments are figured out, many parents quickly begin to think about how they may best put this money to use. This is a good question, especially if your ex is unreliable or uncooperative, leaving you with the short end of the stick when you least expect it.
Mar 2019
20th Mar 2019

Younger Couples are Waiting Longer to Get Married, are Less Likely to get Divorced

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyMillennials often get a bad rap online, with constant articles bemoaning that they are killing all sorts of industries - popular restaurant chains, traditional furniture stores, paper towels, and more. Now you can add divorce to that list!
15th Mar 2019

Older Couples and Divorce in CA: Additional Challenges to Know About

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyDivorce is on the rise amongst all age groups, including older adults. While the process of divorce is never easy, we’ve found that older individuals often face additional challenges that they were not expecting. Our years of experience helping clients all across California has led us to develop this short list of additional challenges that older adults who are looking to get divorced should be aware of.
5th Mar 2019

Are There any Benefits to Filing for Divorce First?

Pleasanton CA divorce lawyerAt the Law Office of James P. White, our clients ask us about every facet of divorce, right from the initial filing to the last concluding arrangements. Today, we want to talk about the first step in the divorce process, especially because many people have recently inquired about this issue.
Feb 2019
26th Feb 2019

Tips for Helping Kids Adjust to Two Separate Homes

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyLife after divorce is never the same, especially when there are kids involved. However, just because things are not the same doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be worse. For this post, we want to offer some tips to parents who might have split or partial custody of their kids, who now find themselves being ferried across two regular homes.
15th Feb 2019

Why Cutting Corners during a Divorce is a Terrible Idea

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyNobody enjoys the process of getting a divorce in California, and divorce proceedings can be involved, costly affairs that could take months or longer to resolve. Not surprisingly, we at the Law Office of James P. White have seen people try to cut corners in order to rush to a speedier or more favorable resolution.
10th Feb 2019

International Travel During and After Divorce Proceedings: Things to Remember

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyAs many people have found out, traveling while in the midst of divorce proceedings, or even afterwards, can be a tricky affair. This is especially true when there are children involved and/or disputes about who should have custody of the kids. Not taking the proper precautions and violating any court orders can carry serious consequences in California, and your custody/visitation rights could be placed jeopardy.
5th Feb 2019

What Impact Does a Divorce Have on my Credit Score?

Pleasanton CA divorce lawyerThe impact that a divorce has on a person’s life can be tremendous, both during the proceedings themselves as well as for months or even years after the divorce has finalized. At the Law Office of James P. White, we are often asked about the long-term effects of divorce, especially in regards to credit history and credit scores.