Jun 2022
20th Jun 2022

A Refresher on Co-Parenting Mistakes and Pitfalls to Avoid

Pleasanton CA child supportWith summer in full swing, many co-parents find themselves having to spend more time or energy on managing the co-parenting arrangement. Kids are at home longer, summer vacations often interrupt standard parenting schedules, and shuffling back and forth between both comes can prove to be a headache. 
15th Jun 2022

Custody Claims and Marijuana Use in CA

Pleasanton CA family law attorney

Over the last few years, perspectives and the laws around marijuana have changed dramatically. With loosened restrictions, more people are accepting the use of marijuana as more normalized and not quite as taboo as it had been in previous decades. 
10th Jun 2022

How Can Income Affect my CA Child Custody Case?

Pleasanton CA child custodyDisputes involving child custody are complex and dicey affairs where many variables and factors can come into play. As we’ve previously discussed, family law courts prioritize the well-being and best interests of the child when handing down custody and visitation orders.
5th Jun 2022

Keeping or Changing the Name After Your CA Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce lawyerAfter your divorce is finalized, you may be wondering what happens with your name. Do you need to change it? If you don’t want to change it, can the ex force you to make the change? 
May 2022
23rd May 2022

When does it Make Sense for a Stepparent to Adopt?

Pleasanton CA child custodyFor a stepparent, formally adopting his or her partner’s child can be a huge milestone. Not only does this further solidify the family unit, but adoption comes with added responsibilities as well as parental rights. For many families, this is a logical step that enhances their lives. That said, each family should evaluate their situation to assess whether stepparent adoption is the right call for them.
14th May 2022

Why Joint Custody is Often in the Best Interests of the Child

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorce is never easy for anyone. That said, it's an unfortunate and tragic fact that children often bear the brunt of the emotional fallout. After all, their entire world has been shattered as the family unit “separates.”
10th May 2022

Limitations of Prenups in CA: Terms That Cannot be Included

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyPreviously, we’ve looked at how prenups work in California and discussed ways in which they can help strengthen a new marriage by ensuring that both parties are on the same page. While more and more newlyweds have been turning to prenups, there are limitations in how they can be implemented or enforced. 
5th May 2022

Common Mistakes in California Divorces to Avoid

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAt the Law Offices of James P. White, we’ve helped clients navigate thousands of divorces over the years. We believe in approaching every case with as much experience, knowledge, and expertise as possible. To that end, let’s talk about common errors and mistakes.
Apr 2022
18th Apr 2022

Key Financial Considerations for Marriages in 2022

family law adviceThese days, people are waiting longer and longer to get married. This means that many folks walk into marriage with a large and potentially complex array of assets. Not only that, but people at later stages of life are more focused on their long-term financial goals, and it’s important to sit down with the soon-to-be-spouse and ensure that both of you are on the same page. 
15th Apr 2022

Assessing your Technological Risks During Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyOver the recent years, internet-connected devices have taken over our homes. Whether you’re talking about traditional computers such as PCs, laptops, cell phones, or tablets, or looking at appliances and home fixtures that feature Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity, these internet-connected devices pile on quickly.
10th Apr 2022

Custody Challenges for Military Parents in California

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorce rates have increased across the board, and this includes every demographic. For some groups, divorce carries additional challenges and consequences. One group which faces particularly unique and difficult hurdles includes those in the military. 
5th Apr 2022

Asset Division in CA: What Happens to Debt After the Divorce?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyIs divorce looming in your future? If so, you’ve likely considered the financial side of things as well. Namely, how should the family property be split, and perhaps just as importantly, what about shared and individual debt? 
Mar 2022
25th Mar 2022

Tips for Convincing the Ex to Sign the Divorce Papers

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyIn many cases, a marriage is often over before the divorce papers are signed, and both parties or at least one party has resigned themselves to the fact that the marriage is not salvageable. When both people want to get divorced, initiating the process is usually pretty straightforward.
15th Mar 2022

Three Vital Child Custody Laws in the California Family Law Code

Pleasanton CA child custodyChild custody matters are some of the most complicated issues that we routinely see in even straightforward and simple divorces. Each parent has his/her own opinion as to how custody should be doled out, and this has to be balanced with all relevant surrounding factors, as well as the child’s needs. As children are unable to speak up for themselves in most cases, the family law code accounts for a few key principles that you should know when dealing with any type of custody issue in CA.
10th Mar 2022

Tips for Helping the Kids Adjust to Co-Parenting Arrangements

Pleasanton CA famiy lawAfter a divorce, a child’s world can feel upside down. Seeing both parents split up and having to juggle between two family homes can be an emotional and logistical challenge for parents, but the little ones often bear the brunt of the changes.
5th Mar 2022

Ask a CA Divorce Attorney: What is Emergency Custody?

Pleasanton CA child custodyIn custody cases, there may be times when the family law courts need to step in and take immediate action in order to ensure a child’s safety. Today, we’re looking at emergency custody and discussing the ways in which this type of temporary custody varies from standard custody orders. 
Feb 2022
20th Feb 2022

How the Pandemic Continues to Increase to Marital Struggles Across the US

family law adviceThe COVID-19 pandemic is still not yet behind us, though we’re now seeing a relaxation of restrictions across the country and the globe. As many pandemics do, this one came with many surges, peaks, and valleys.

Divorce rates increased across the board during the pandemic, but the ebb and flow of these surges influenced the number of divorces month to month. As restrictions loosen, we’re seeing a small decrease in the number of divorces. 
15th Feb 2022

How to Prove Emotional Abuse in CA Custody Proceedings

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyAbuse comes in many forms, and unfortunately emotional abuse can and often does go under the radar. When it comes to child custody disputes and proceedings, it is critical that these behaviors from either parent or other relatives are identified and presented. As we’ve covered previously, CA family law prioritizes the safety and the well-being of a child. 
10th Feb 2022

Spousal Abandonment in CA Family Law

Pleasanton CA famiy lawMost people who want to leave a marriage will initiate the process via a formal divorce, but others take a more passive approach. When someone simply walks away from his or her marriage and related commitments, this is known as spousal abandonment. This can happen in a variety of ways, whether a person “vanished” or is just refusing to acknowledge his/her spouse and children or offer them any support. 
5th Feb 2022

Do I Need a Forensic Accountant For My California Divorce Proceedings?

Pleasanton CA divorce lawyerIn many divorce proceedings, the trust between both parties is often broken or on very shaky ground at best. If your ex was dishonest about his/her actions, desires, plans, and more, there’s a good chance that the ex is also willing to lie about finances. 
Jan 2022
20th Jan 2022

Pensions and Divorce in California

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyMany people spend years building up their retirement plans and pensions. After years or decades of hard work, many worry about the fate of their pension post-divorce. The big question most people start with is: does my ex get half of my pension after the divorce?
15th Jan 2022

Resolving Custody Disputes by Focusing on the Child’s Needs

Pleasanton CA famiy lawWhen parents divorce, the focus is all too often on the feud between both parties. This conflict-laden approach tends to impact all areas of divorce, including those that involve child custody and visitation arrangements. 
10th Jan 2022

Can Custody Orders be Enforced Outside the Country?

Pleasanton CA Child Custody attorneyEnforcing a custody order can be difficult when the other parent isn’t playing by the same rules or acting in good faith. Not just that, but it can be particularly difficult to enforce a custody order when the other parent decides to take the child outside of the boundaries of California. While we’ve previously discussed custody issues when the parent leaves the state with the child, what about when the parent takes the child out of the country?
5th Jan 2022

Divorce and Deportation: What are the Legal Ramifications?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorce is difficult enough, and Immigrants in California who are looking at an upcoming divorce have one additional anxiety to account for: the possibility of deportation. As they are not U.S citizen, a person’s immigration status could be up in the air after a divorce. Given the laws around marriage and citizenship status, this fear is not unfounded.