Keeping Your Divorce Private at Work: Guidelines to Remember

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAs most of us have learned, rumors and gossip can spread across offices like wildfire. In some cases where someone has high visibility in their career or where details about a pending divorce can impact career outcomes, this can be a problem. Even in cases where these rumors won’t directly affect career aspirations, many people are private by nature and no one enjoys being the subject of the latest office whispers.

It can be very difficult to keep a divorce secret for too long. However, you can keep the cat in the bag for a little bit longer if you just take some precautions. You can’t control what others say or do but there’s a few things you can do on your end to minimize what you’re putting out there for others to scrutinize.

Avoid Work-Assigned Devices for Your Divorce Discussions

First and foremost, don’t use any work devices such as computers and phones to carry out any discussions or communications that relate to your divorce. There’s a good chance the corporate guidelines allow for your workplace to “spy on you.” Don’t take any unnecessary chances and simply leave everything risky or personal in the confines of your personal property and space.  

Keep Emails, Documents, and Other Sensitive Materials from Prying Eyes

This is similar to the first tip, but it’s easy to get careless. Don’t leave any documents on top of your desk or have a revealing email open on your laptop or phone screen when coworkers are around. Even when using personal devices, people are naturally curious and many can’t resist taking a peek at others’ screens.

On that note, don’t get relaxed about where you take calls or discuss your divorce with others. You never know who’s overhearing what at work, even when you’re only talking with people you trust. In our experience, people seriously underestimate how much their voice carries across office spaces.  

Mediation Affords a Higher Level of Privacy Than Divorce

In terms of California family law procedures, there is actually one option that can help preserve your privacy. The outcome of mediation doesn’t become part of the public record, while a normal divorce does. 

Mediation can be a great option when both parties are on the same page about privacy concerns. It also saves everyone time and money, making it a popular option for many divorcing couples in the last recent years. 

These are just some ideas to help you avoid the workplace gossip as you approach your divorce. Remember that we at the White Oak Law are always available to answer any questions you might have about divorce, child custody, spousal support, and more. 

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