Why Joint Custody is Often in the Best Interests of the Child

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorce is never easy for anyone. That said, it’s an unfortunate and tragic fact that children often bear the brunt of the emotional fallout. After all, their entire world has been shattered as the family unit “separates.”

The situation isn’t hopeless, however. Over time, studies have highlighted that many children adjust and acclimate, especially in cases where joint custody is involved. As we’ve discussed, the family law courts in CA often favor joint custody arrangements when possible, for a variety of good reasons. 

For today’s post, we’re looking at the ways in which joint custody benefits children and helps them adjust to post-divorce life. 

Joint Custody Allows for a Continued Relationship with Both Parents

Perhaps the most obvious and direct benefit of joint custody is continued exposure and access to both parents. While the child might not live with both of them at the same time, he/she is still able to foster a relationship and engage with the other parent on their terms. This helps foster a sense of security, safety, and routine that is critical during such uncertain and sensitive times. 

Joint Custody Minimizes the Impact of Divorce

While studies have shown that divorce has many adverse effects on a child, they’ve also found that children who have access to one or both biological parents after the divorce are able to overcome these effects and hurdles. A well-supported child with one or more caring guardian figures will often perform better in academic and interpersonal/social settings.

While divorce may be inevitable, the impact that it has on your child can be managed effectively provided he/she is given plenty of support from one or both parents.

Joint Custody Helps Children Avoid Feelings of Guilt or Abandonment

Many children of divorced parents report feeling guilt, resentment, or abandonment when it comes to the non-custodial parent. Other children have felt that perhaps the break up was their fault, and feel guilty about their perceived contribution to the divorce. When a child is able to spend time with both parents post-divorce, he/she can gain a more complete picture or full understanding of the situation. Not only that, but this can help ease feelings of guilt especially if both parents are willing to work together amicably and without hatred or disrespect.

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The benefits of joint custody are too many to count, and the option should always be explored. However, we at the White Oak Law understand that not every situation is conducive to joint custody, and every divorce or custody matter needs to be approached individually, with all relevant factors taken into account. 

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