Is Joint Custody Better for Children? A Recent Study Says Yes

Pleasanton CA child supportAt the Law Office of James P. White, we always strive for mutually beneficial resolutions as they tend to be the most productive strategies for a variety of reasons, something that science seems to agree with. In 2017, Stockholm University’s Demographic Unit conducted a study where they examined the effects of single parent custody and joint custody on children’s overall well-being. The results were significant, if a bit predictable.

Based on their observations, the study concluded that children who live under shared custody arrangements experienced less stress overall than their peers who lived full-time under one parent. They also had less reported behavioral issues, and perhaps even more interesting is the fact that these advantages were present regardless of the level of conflict between the two parents.

According to the researchers, this is likely because a joint custody arrangement allows children to interact with both parents, which also encourages them to take on an active role in their child’s life. This goes in line with what previous research has said about the importance of parent-child interaction in relation to a child’s development, and reaffirms the belief that divorce is not a death sentence for a child’s well-being.

Rely on a Family Law Attorney When Dealing With Child Custody Matters in CA

All this being said, it is important that you take the specifics of your circumstances, and the individual needs of your loved ones, into account when deciding your best course of action. Remember that, for any matters relating to child custody, divorce, or family law in CA, we at the Law Office of James P. White are here to help. Call us today to schedule a initial consultation.