What are the Grounds for Getting an Annulment in CA?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAt the Law Office of James P. White, our clients often ask us about annulment as an alternative to divorce. Many people don’t have a clear conception of what annulments actually are, or how they work, so we decided to spend some time exploring this issue in today’s post.

In simple terms, annulments are not another option for divorce or separation. Instead, they were designed to terminate marriages that were invalid from the onset, and should have not taken place to begin with. This means that annulments have their own requirements, and unless your marriage falls under one of these conditions, an annulment is not an option.

Requirements for an Annulment

There are various different reasons that can cause a marriage to be invalid and void. These include situations such as:

  • Either party was already in a currently valid marriage
  • Someone was legally a minor when the marriage took place
  • Someone was forced or coerced into getting married
  • The spouses are related by blood
  • Consent for the marriage was attained under fraudulent or false pretenses
  • Someone was “of unsound mind” or unfit to make decisions for him/herself

This illustrates the intent of annulment in California: to break up invalid or otherwise “illegal” marriages. Couples who are in a legally valid marriage need to explore other alternatives (such as traditional divorce proceedings and separation), as annulment is simply not on the table.

Consult with an Experienced California Divorce Attorney

We hope this post helped dispel some of the rumors and myths that we often hear about annulment in California. That said, our family law attorneys are knowledgeable about any issues relating to divorce, child custody disputes, and other family law issues in California.

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