Family Mediation 101: A Quick Overview

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorce is never an easy affair. It is expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally-draining. However, if you and your partner are not completely opposed to discussing logistics and entering civil negotiations, mediation can often provide much needed relief.

Divorces where ex-partners are simply unwilling to negotiate do occur. However, we’ve found that in most cases, there is quite a bit of wiggle room and even resentful couples are sometimes able to come to mutually-exclusive agreements in a variety of matters. The reason for this is simple: it makes more sense for separated spouses to work with each other and formulate solutions on their own terms, rather than relying on the courts to hand down a rigid, inflexible ruling.

How the Mediation Process Works

In order to facilitate things, mediations are often carried out by a neutral third party. Mediators must remain unbiased and impartial at all times, as their priority is to ensure that the couple can come to an agreement that works for both of them. Legal professionals such as attorneys often fill this role, as their expertise lends itself well to this arena.

Mediations are usually carried out in large rooms where all parties are present, and often consist of back-and-forth discussions between the different sides. In cases where a couple simply cannot be in the same room as one another, mediations can also be carried out with each party sitting in a different room and a “messenger” going back and forth between the two. Each side always has the option to agree, disagree, or counter to any proposal that is brought forth to them.

Why Mediation Is Often The Best Option

Although mediation essentially consists of discussing and “arguing” with one another, it is still a very effective way of reaching agreements that would otherwise become dragged out in court. It saves parties time and money, and encourages both individuals to find mutually-beneficially solutions instead of trying to get back at one another via undesirable arrangements.

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