Factors that Contribute to Increased Rates of Domestic Violence in CA

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyIf you’re feeling especially irritable or annoyed these days, you are not alone. During the summer, general rates of violence and crime, including domestic violence, tend to rise across the state. This has prompted researchers to try and study the factors that cause this. What makes people so irritable during the summer, pushing some to go as far as to commit crimes or acts of violence towards loved ones?

For today’s post, we’re going over some of the factors that contribute to increased rates of domestic violence in CA.

Increased Temperatures

The summer heat affects everyone differently, but scientists agree that added heat often brings tensions to a boiling point. One reason for this might be that stress hormones such as cortisol literally rise alongside the temperature, having a direct physiological impact on your mood. 

Continued and Prolonged Time Together

These days, many people agree that there’s some truth to the idea that distance makes the heart grow fonder. The pandemic has led to many families hunkering down and waiting it out for months on end, which means family members are now in everyone’s space all the time. Researchers have found that this can lead to increased tensions and heightens the risk of violence. 

Financial Pressures

The pandemic has also brought financial pressure to millions. Unfortunately, this is another factor that contributes significantly to instances of domestic violence. Emotions can run haywire as parents struggle to cope with the challenges of providing for their household while the country is partially shut down due to the pandemic. 

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption has long been linked to increased instances of violence in general. This is heightened during the summer, where social drinking is more common. Furthermore, many are turning to the bottle to help them relieve stress during such uncertain and scary times.

Standing Up Against Domestic Violence 

Domestic violence is never okay and should never be tolerated, regardless of any factors that may or may not be at play. If you need help dealing with an abusive spouse or other relatives, or are looking for answers regarding child custody or divorce, know that we are here to help.

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