Don’t Make these Mistakes During Your California Divorce in 2021!

Pleasanton CA divorce prenuptial attorneyAs we move into the new year, we at the Law Offices of James P. White thought it would be interesting to focus on one key thing: the top mistakes we see people make while getting a divorce in CA. We often spend a lot of time talking about what to do when navigating different family law issues, but the “don’ts” can be just as, if not more important in helping guide your case to a favorable resolution. 

Here’s some of our top don’ts to keep in mind as you work through your divorce in 2021 and onward.

Don’t forfeit any rights or property without consulting with an attorney. It can be tempting for you to just agree to whatever the ex says, especially if it will get things over with faster. However, the biggest mistake you can make in any divorce is to move forward with or sign anything, etc. without having it vetted by a qualified legal professional.

Don’t interfere with the other parent’s visitation and custody rights. Unfortunately for the offending parent, this is one of the quickest ways to have your custody rights jeopardized. Don’t interfere with your child’s relationship with the other parent in any way, as this is unfair to your child and the other party. Not only that, but the courts will look unfavorably upon these types of behaviors, as it shows that you are willing to prioritize your own emotions over your child’s basic needs. 

Don’t put the kids in the middle of the conflict. Along similar lines, don’t badmouth the ex or go on long rants when the children are around. Getting them involved in the conflict is detrimental to their safety and well-being, no matter whose side anyone may stand on. Always remember that the feud is between you two, and not the children,

Don’t use your custody disputes as a bargaining chip. As far as the courts are concerned, this is another mark of a selfish and greedy parent. If you’re trying to get leverage during the divorce process in different ways, the courts will take note. They will be especially displeased if they see that some of these bargain chips involve or impact your child’s well-being. 

Don’t threaten, insult, or antagonize the ex. Yes, this even applies while in private. You should try to remain civil and avoid public conflict with the ex. Avoid making negative comments or remarks even if he or she isn’t around, as it could get back to him or her via texts, recordings, etc. Rise above the conflict, especially because you don’t want to give the ex any ammo he or she can use during your divorce proceedings. 

Do speak with a seasoned divorce attorney! With these tips out of the way, we want to take the time to remind you that we’re here to help. To ensure that we’re on the same page, our experienced attorneys offer initial consultations that come with no risk. 

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