How Domestic Violence Can Impact your Right to Own Firearms in CA

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyThis year, California introduced several gun control bills aimed at those who have been convicted of domestic violence. Lawmakers sought to protect victims of domestic abuse by limiting the access to firearms that their abusers might have within a set of three gun control laws, all of which took effect starting on January 2019.

Given the popularity of gun ownership across the state, this law is sure to have major implications for many who are navigating the family law arena in CA. Today, we’re outlining the new guidelines to help answer any questions you might have about this new set of laws. Keep in mind that we also offer personalized legal advice, simply reach out to us at the Law Offices of James P. White at your earliest convenience.  

How the New Guidelines Affect Your Right To Firearms in CA

  • Lifetime ban: The biggest change with the new law targets those who have been convicted of inflicting bodily harm on a partner, ex-partner, spouse, or other parent of their child. When convicted a lifetime ban on firearm possession is imposed on them.
  • 10-year ban: Furthermore, anyone who is convicted of a violent crime such as stalking, battery, and assault get a 10-year ban on any firearm possession.

On top of this, just being charged with domestic violence can lead to a temporary ban while your case is going through the system. All registered firearms and ammo need to be turned over to the cops until the case is over, and if the police suspect or get tipped off that you have an unlicensed firearm, they can and will search you or your property, which could lead to additional charges.

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