Domestic Abuse Can Jeopardize Custody Rights for Victims As Well

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyWe’ve previously discussed how perpetrators of domestic abuse can have their custody/parental rights removed or placed at risk. This is especially true when there is a criminal conviction. However, the risk can extend to even the victims of domestic violence and abuse. 

Today’s post touches upon this critical and sensitive issue in more depth. Remember, for tailored advice from compassionate and experienced CA family law attorneys, remember to connect with us at the Law Offices of James P. White directly. 

Domestic Abusers Often Threaten to Take Custody Away

This is one key scare tactic that many abusers use to keep their spouse compliant. They might make claims about how they’ll make sure they never see the child again, might threaten to move to another state, make false claims in court or law enforcement to get them in trouble, and more. While many of these threats are hollow, there is some legitimacy to some of these threats.

Domestic Violence is a Genuine Threat To Your Custody Rights

For victims of domestic violence, they may find themselves under the scrutiny of the family law courts. As always, the courts seek to protect the well-being and safety of a child. Victims who are suffering from depression or might perhaps show signs of PTSD could find themselves in an uphill legal battle. The threat is heightened if and when the ex is able to use medical information or other forms of evidence to try and corroborate his/her claims.

Be Proactive and Consult with a Family Law Attorney in CA

If you are a victim of domestic abuse/violence and are worried about upcoming custody or divorce issues, you should take the time to consult with a qualified family law attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer with experience in these matters can help ensure that your story is presented in a fair and honest manner, one that does not place your custody or parental rights at right. A family law attorney can help rebuff any claims or allegations made by the ex and help you gather the key information that you need during the proceedings. 

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