Divorce Statistics: Who is Getting Divorced These Days?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyFollowing up on our last blog post, today we wanted to look at the statistics from a different angle. Today’s post is a look at what the average couple that is getting divorced consists of.

Of course, note that we’re only looking at this from a general statistics perspective. Everyone’s situation is unique and we at the White Oak Law understand that a one-size fits all approach does not work when it comes to divorce.

With that out of the way, here’s some trends that researchers have observed over the years that paint an interesting picture of divorce across the country. 

Divorce Trends within the Statistics

    • Duration of marriages before divorce: For marriages that end in a first divorce, the duration of that marriage sits at 7.8 years for men and 7.9 years for women.
    • The “average” divorcing couple: On average, divorcing  couples are around 30 years old when they go through a first divorce. 
    • Most divorces by age group: A majority of all divorces (60%) involve couples aged 25 to 39.


  • Who usually files first? In an opposite-sex marriage, women are usually the ones who file for divorce, accounting for 65-75 percent of all divorce filings. 


In a similar vein, are there any occupations or careers that show a higher predisposition for divorce? Yes! Here’s the top and bottom occupations represented in those that get a divorce.

Professions that have the highest divorce rates include dancers, bartenders, massage therapists, gaming service workers, and gaming cage workers.

Professions with the lowest rates of divorce include farmers, podiatrists, clergy, optometrists, and agricultural engineers. 

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This wraps it up on a few of the statistics that we wanted to highlight for this blog post. Learn more about this and other divorce topics by consulting with a qualified CA divorce attorney. 

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