Does Divorce Have an Impact on a Child’s Physical Well-Being?

Pleasanton CA child supportAs family law attorneys, we see firsthand the impact that divorce can have on a family. Divorce can be especially devastating to children, and it can be difficult to predict or expect what type of mental or physical toll this could have on your loved ones. 

That said, we understand that divorce is often the right choice for everyone involved. This is why as you look to your family’s long term future and well-being, you should do what you can to help your kids adjust to these major changes. 

What are some of the risks that children of divorced parents face? Today’s post is taking a look at some of these factors. 

Children of Divorce Parents Face Increased RIsk of Injuries or Illness

Researchers have tracked this problem over the years, and they have found that children of divorced parents do face more challenges. For example, they are at higher risk of things such as:

  • Illness
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Drug abuse
  • Increased rate of drug abuse

This might paint a bleak picture, but there is an upside. Researchers have also found that these risks can be mitigated or reduced as long as children of divorced parents continue to feel supported by both parents, as well as by other relatives.

Divorce Can be Beneficial to Children of Feuding Parents

Divorce isn’t always strictly a negative experience in a child’s life, either. While any major change can be stressful, there are cases where a divorce helps remove a child from an unstable or dangerous living arrangement. Even if the conflicts remain verbal and not physical, having to deal with fighting parents can have serious ramifications on a child’s mental and physical development. 

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