How does Discovery Work in CA Family Law Cases?

Pleasanton CA famiy lawDuring any family law proceedings in CA, key documents, statements, and other forms of evidence play an important role as the courts work to resolve the dispute at hand. In order to prepare, every case has a lengthy period dedicated to uncovering said evidence. 

This is known as discovery, a process which ensures that both parties are able to access and present evidence related to the matter at hand.

Methods of Discovery in CA 

Discovery enables you and your attorney to collect the information that you need to present your case, and the methods by which this info is collected can vary depending on the type of evidence. Some of the tools that attorneys have at their disposal during discovery include the following:


  • Depositions are forms of verbal statements that are presented under oath. These can be given by the involved spouses, as well as third party witnesses. Depositions often involve financial matters but can include other topics, and attorneys have the ability to cross-examine as well as object in response to these statements.
  • Interrogations are essentially a written form of depositions. These written questions and statements are often addressed from one spouse to the other party, and like with depositions, usuallyinvolve questions or statements of a financial nature.
  • Subpoenas are orders to compel one party to comply with a certain action. These are court-ordered and the receiving party must abide by the terms, which often includes having to show up to a trial or forcing the party to produce missing evidence/documents.


Requests for Documents or Admissions

Both spouses are able to request for the other party to procure documents such as bank statements for assessment to ensure everything is accurate. This can include just specific pages/documents, or comprehensive records that include all related documents.

Furthermore, both parties can request that the other person submit an admission of authenticity under oath. This helps ensure that all evidence presented is factually correct.

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Discovery is one of the most drawn-out parts of CA divorces and other family law procedures, and for good reason. When it comes to this key stage of your divorce, you cannot afford to proceed without professional guidance from a qualified divorce attorney. 

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