Why Cutting Corners during a Divorce is a Terrible Idea

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyNobody enjoys the process of getting a divorce in California, and divorce proceedings can be involved, costly affairs that could take months or longer to resolve. Not surprisingly, we at the Law Office of James P. White have seen people try to cut corners in order to rush to a speedier or more favorable resolution.

We can’t stress enough just how bad of an idea this is in the bigger picture, and want to illustrate this point during our discussion today. For this post, we’re covering a few ways that people try to cut corners with divorce and showcasing how these strategies could backfire with serious consequences.

Relying on Informal Agreements

One way in which people try to get around the slow legal processes is by making informal agreements with one another. We can say with confidence that most of these agreements will inevitably result in disputes or conflicts. This can really become a problem because, as there was never any formal arrangement in place, the court’s ability to weigh in is limited. Informal agreements are a huge gamble that are just not worth losing out on.

Speeding Towards a Resolution

This is a common one, as most people just want to wrap up the divorce and move on with rebuilding their lives. The thing is, however, it takes time and diligence to consider and review all agreements. Don’t just sign to get things over with, take the time to ensure that you fully understand all terms and conditions. A divorce resolution will have a significant impact on your short-term and long-term future, rushing things here is flat out a bad idea.

Offering False or Dishonest Information

When going through a divorce, people might sometimes be compelled to make false or dishonest statements in order to move things along more quickly and in an attempt to secure a more favorable outcome. For example, someone might leave key financial information out, or they might lie about their partner’s behavior in order to paint them in a more negative light. Remember, lying under oath or providing false documentation is a serious crime in CA, and you could be facing severe consequences if caught. Worse yet, this will almost always lead to a worse outcome than if you had simply been honest from the get-go.

We hope this post helped illustrate just why rushing through your divorce and not taking the time to carefully consider all your options is always a bad idea. What is never a bad idea, however, is to consult with a qualified CA divorce attorney. For tailored legal advice and to speak to someone who can answer all your questions about divorce and family law, remember that we at the Law Office of James P. White can always be reached at (925)271-0999.

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