Custody Challenges for Military Parents in California

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorce rates have increased across the board, and this includes every demographic. For some groups, divorce carries additional challenges and consequences. One group which faces particularly unique and difficult hurdles includes those in the military. 

Co-parenting in particular can be difficult, especially when one or both parents are deployed or located far away from the child. Today’s post is a look at some of the main issues that military parents contend with when navigating co-parenting and divorce issues in CA.

Potential Problems and Complications for Parents in Deployment

Parents who are deployed have no control over where they’ll be located, or for how long they’ll be there. There are many instances where they might not be allowed visitors, or where a parent is deployed to a dangerous area that makes visits or even regular communications challenging. 

Given these challenges, there are laws which attempt to preserve a deployed individual’s parental rights. One of these is known as the Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act (UDPCVA). This act allows for exceptions and workaround for parents who are deployed or may otherwise be unable to proceed with traditional court proceedings. 

For example, the UDPCVA makes it easier for a deployed parent to work out short-term visitation and custody arrangements without having to go through the standard lengthy court procedures. The UDPCVA also implements protections and failsafes such as prohibiting a parent from making any custody arrangements without the deployed parent’s permission or consent. These regulations and stipulations are critical in helping ensure that military parents are not inherently disadvantaged by their obligation to serve.  

Protect Your Parental Rights with the Help of a CA Family Law Attorney

While long-distance co-parenting can be especially difficult for military parents who are deployed, it can be managed. Talk to a qualified family law attorney to help you map out your legal strategy and help ensure that your parental rights are not infringed upon. Call us at the Law Offices of James P. White to consult with our seasoned divorce attorneys. 

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