How COVID-19 is Affecting Divorces Across the Country

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyThe effects that COVID-19 is having across all facets of life is unprecedented. The outbreak has spun the economy to a stand-still, infected over 3.5 million people globally as of this writing, and has forced countless into voluntary and involuntary quarantine.

Today, we’re discussing the effects that the pandemic is having on divorces, especially considering that many courts are closed for divorces. 

States Report Higher Inquiries for Divorce

One interesting, though perhaps not surprising, outcome is that we’re seeing increased divorce filings along with general inquiries pretty much across the board. New York, California, Italy, China, you name it. While this is an emerging trend, we can speculate that this has to do with the increased time that couples are spending with each other in isolation. Alarmingly, reports of domestic violence and abuse have also increased, leading further weight to this hypothesis. 

California Family Law Courts Remain Closed for Many

While courts continue to remain open for domestic violence filings and other essential services, they are not currently open for divorce proceedings. Things get even more confusing since, at the time, there is no clear date for when people can expect the courts to open up. 

One way you can continue to move a divorce forward is via alternative processes such as mediation. This is because many of these routes don’t require any court involvement or interference, making it simpler to work through the process even during such extraordinary times.

Talk to a Family Law Attorney to Explore Your Options

If you’re looking to get a divorce, or refuse to live under the same roof due to domestic conflict, violence, or abuse, we implore you to explore your options even while shelter-in-place continues to stay in effect. Explore the legal venues available to you by consulting with a qualified attorney. 

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