Common Mistakes in California Divorces to Avoid

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAt the Law Offices of James P. White, we’ve helped clients navigate thousands of divorces over the years. We believe in approaching every case with as much experience, knowledge, and expertise as possible. To that end, let’s talk about common errors and mistakes.

Learning from previous mistakes, either our own or others’, is a great way to avoid these same pitfalls in the future. For today’s posts, we’re looking at the most common oversights and errors you could make during your CA divorce which could prove to be costly. 

Lack of a Clear Focus or Goal

Divorce is a multi-step process which can change depending on your specific issues at hand. If you don’t approach your divorce proceedings deliberately and with a clear focus, you could become overwhelmed and find yourself struggling to keep up. Depending on what your ideal outcome is, the disputes at play, and whether mediation is on the table, you need to ensure that all your actions and decisions are aligned with these factors.

Relying on the Court to Settle Interpersonal Arguments

Similarly, there are many cases where the real conflict is more interpersonal rather than logistical. While the courts can help resolve disputes, you should be careful not to bring any conflicts or disagreements out of spite or revenge. Not only does this compromise your position in the eyes of the court, but this can add a lot of time and hefty expenses to the overall cost of your divorce.

Letting Emotions Drive all Interactions

Whether in or outside the courtroom, you need to navigate a careful equilibrium with your emotions; You don’t want to ignore or suppress your feelings but letting your emotions take over during such a difficult time can be problematic. Make no mistake, being angry, hurt, or experiencing other strong emotions is perfectly normal. Just make sure you’re able to peel back as needed or rely on a qualified therapist or attorney to help keep your mind on the big picture.

Relying on the Wrong Attorney

Though there are many family law attorneys out there, no two lawyers are the same. Oftentimes, we see people opt for family law attorneys who might have more limited or general experience, or they choose to go with a lawyer who might not be easily reached or accessible, which further complicates divoce proceedings. 

For something as sensitive as divorce in CA, make sure you recruit a trusted, reliable attorney who can cater to your specific legal needs and goals. Learn more about how we at the Law Offices of James P. White can help guide you through CA divorce proceedings. Call us at 925-271-0999 to schedule an initial consultation.