When is a Collaborative Divorce Most Appropriate?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyIt’s never easy when a romantic relationship dissolves. When a marriage or legal partnership ends, there is usually even more at stake. If both parties recognize that the relationship is no longer salvageable and must end, divorce can be a painstaking process for everyone involved.

Depending on the circumstances and length of the relationship in question, there may be children as well as financial assets involved that must be legally split. These situations can be both financially as well as emotionally draining, especially if the couple must settle their grievances in a courtroom.

If both partners within the couple can speak with one another and come to the conclusion that they aren’t open to a reconciliation, a collaborative divorce might be the best option in order to avoid unnecessary strain and undue stress.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

In a collaborative divorce, spouses or domestic partners work together with their own separate legal counsel (a collaborative attorney) to negotiate and come to an agreement that works best for both parties. Specialists in child custody or financial matters may be called upon to consult with during the process, making for a smoother transition that can more easily be settled outside of court. 

A contract must also be signed by both partners stating that they do not want to settle disputes within a courtroom. If for some reason an agreement can’t be reached through legal counsel, the couple in question will have to seek new legal representation or represent themselves.

Talk to a Qualified Divorce Attorney in CA

For partners seeking a collaborative legal arrangement, it’s best to do a search for ‘collaborative divorce’ in your state in order to become more familiar with the guidelines. You should also reach out to a qualified legal professional.

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