Child Custody and Visitation Guidelines during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Pleasanton CA child custodyAs the COVID-19 epidemic goes on into the summer, Alameda County has released a variety of guidelines in regards to child custody and visitation issues that might crop up during these unusual times. Naturally, there’s a lot of questions floating around, especially in regards to child custody and visitation.

Here’s a quick crash course of what these guidelines entail.

COVID-19 Does Not Interfere with Either Parent’s Rights

Both parents are still within their rights to make decisions for their child as mandated by the existing parenting plan. This means that COVID-19 is not an excuse to deny the other parent visitation or custody. That said, both parents need to comply with all government directives regarding COVID-19 in order to ensure the safety of the child. 

School Time Calendars are Still in Effect

Although some schools might be closed, partially closed, or having virtual sessions, school time calendars and any parenting plans involving the school calendar are still in effect. A school closure does not instantly extend your break/holiday/weekend time. Continue following your parenting schedule as if school were in session.

Supervised Visitation are Still Possible

Supervised visitation and all other visitation orders still apply and need to be followed, provided this is consistent with any public health directives or orders. If in-person supervised visitation is not available or too risky due to COVID-19, virtual supervised visitation or other remote alternatives should be used.

Visitation Exchange Guidelines

When applicable, both parents must work together to determine an appropriate exchange location. Alternatively, the receiving parent can pick up the child from the other person’s home, provided a restraining order or other limitation is not in place. In this case, parents can opt to use the nearest police station for an exchange spot instead.

Consult with a Qualified Child Custody Attorney

If you have additional questions, we recommend that you check out the Superior Court of California County of Alameda COVID-19 webpage.

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