How Child Custody Evaluations Work in California

Pleasanton CA Child Custody attorneyA fairly common process for those going through a divorce or child custody dispute, child custody evaluations are designed to ensure that the needs of a child are being fully met. That said, these evaluations are often set in motion via child custody disputes, which can make them rather never-wracking affairs. To help provide some insight, we’ve written up a brief overview of what child custody evaluations consist of, as well as what to expect when undergoing an evaluation.

To put it simply, a child custody evaluation is a process where a court-assigned evaluator, often a health professional, takes the time to evaluate your living situation and your co-parenting situation, as well as the overall well-being of your child. It is important to remember that, above all, the evaluator is primarily concerned with looking out for what is best for your child.

How Evaluators Inform Their Decision

Although many evaluators use different methods, their goal is to collect information on a consistent set of parameters. Their investigate efforts often involve methods such as:

  • Interviews with each child
  • Interviews with each parent
  • Interviews of friends and acquaintances
  • Detailed evaluations of living conditions in each home
  • Detailed psychological evaluations of each parent and other family members
  • Close examination of documentation submitted by each party, as well as by counsel

In other words, your life, as well as that of your loved ones, is going to be placed under a lot of scrutiny. While we hope that this overview can provide you with a solid idea of what to expect, we highly suggest that, when facing child custody evaluations in California, the first thing you do is consult with a qualified family law attorney.

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