The Challenges of Shared Custody and Online School

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyFor many, one of the biggest changes that the pandemic has brought is the shift to online schooling. Many schools across the nation shut down in response to the rapidly spreading virus, placing many parents in a difficult position. 

With fall upon us, this problem hasn’t seen much improvement. Worse yet, the challenges are particularly hard for separated or divorced parents. For today’s post, we’re looking at how you can help your family adapt to this new setting, as well as looking at more direct solutions such as potential custody modifications.

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Tips to Make Online Schooling Effective

The biggest challenge that you can expect to face, especially as a single parent, is monitoring your child. This can be labor-intensive and requires dedication, something that busy parents are not always able to afford. 

That said, here’s the main guidelines that you should keep in mind in order to ensure that your child is on task:

  • Limit any and all distractions, including television, toys, and pets. 
  • Create a concrete schedule and stick to it rigidly
  • Create a dedicated space/environment just for school
  • Do what you can to minimize screen time after school hours
  • Make sure you’re scheduling regular interactions with your child’s peers (when possible)

Following these suggestions is easier said than done. That said, habits are only formed via regular adherence and reinforcement, and as the parent it is your responsibility to set your child up for success as they adapt to their new online environment.

Our Attorneys Are Equipped to Help with all Custody Arrangements and Modifications

Online schooling can be convenient, but it can also introduce many unexpected problems. For example, how does this impact your schedule and your ability to spend time with your child within a joint custody arrangement? What if the ex is doing a poor job of helping your child adapt to online schooling?

These and other similar concerns should be addressed promptly, especially if they will inevitably require the involvement of the courts. One way to address these issues is via a modification of child custody, one that can help you ensure that your child is able to benefit from online schooling and continue to thrive even in a post-coronavirus world. 

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