Preparing For Life After Divorcing the Breadwinner

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorcing the primary breadwinner can be a necessary but terrifying step for many, especially in today’s increasingly competitive and expensive economic landscape. While divorce can be financial and emotionally challenging for all involved parties, the primary breadwinner still gets to enjoy significantly more stability than the spouse who earns less or doesn’t work.

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Helping Children Stay Safe While on Social Media

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyThese days, everyone seems to be aware of the dangers of social media. Despite this, social media use is increasingly on the rise, with recent estimates placing social media users at around 3.78 billion people.

Social media is used by people from all age groups, but these figures can sometimes skew towards younger demographics. For today’s post, we’re discussing ways you can help your children practice good habits and stay safe while using social media, especially if you and your loved ones are currently going through any divorce or family law issues. 

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